View Full Version : Trade up 5700 for 5900SE?

12-16-03, 08:37 AM
I'm thinking about returning my recently purchased Leadtek 5700 in favor of the evga 5900 SE. However, I'm wondering if it's true that Leadtek uses a higher quality RAMDAC and output filter(s) to achieve superior visual quality, sharpness, etc?? I don't want to sacrifice ergonomics for 3D processing speed. What do you all think? Thanks a bunch.


12-16-03, 01:49 PM
Its kinda 50/50. The 5900 SE would definitly be faster than your 5700 because it has double the memory bandwidth (256 instead of 128). This would help in AA/AF, but if you play at 1024 x 768 it might not make huge difference.

I don't know about Leadtek's Ramdac, but I guess if you could exchange one card for the other with little extra cost it might be worth it. If you have to sell the 5700 then it might not be worth the trouble.

Sorry I couldnt be more definit in my response, but the 5700 Ultra is great card so its tough decision :)

Good luck whatever you decide.

12-16-03, 02:15 PM
The 2 400MHz 10bit RAMDACs are inside the GPU, no card manufacturer can use higher quality RAMDACs. But they can use higher quality outputs, although most reviews already state that the FX 2D is very good already.

If you can afford it, then 5900SE/XT would be a nice upgrade for more speed.

12-16-03, 02:19 PM
Thanks for your replies. I have ordered the 5900SE from NewEgg for overnight delivery. Once I verify that it works ok, I'll return my 5700 to them for a refund. Even with the 15% restocking fee, I think I'm doing ok, especially considering I was going to buy NVDVD anyway. As for Call of Duty, I already own that. :(

12-16-03, 02:21 PM
Originally posted by ElderDruid
As for Call of Duty, I already own that. :(

Would you consider selling the extra copy? PM me if you are. :)

12-17-03, 08:40 PM
I got the 5900SE card today, installed it, and I can swear that the 2D image quality is not quite at the level of the Leadtek 5700 card. Does eVGA skimp on the output filters? I would really love to know.

Now I'm agonizing over whether to return the 5900SE and keep my 5700.

Is it possible to use the DVI-VGA converter to display a sharper image on my Multisync FE950 CRT?