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12-16-03, 04:45 PM

i'm having a problem here... the thing is that i've recently bought a Xelo Nvidia Geforce FX 5600 Xt 256 Mb to substitute my Geforce 4 Mx440. I've only changed that, nothing more. Of course, I've made the uptade of the drivers. And all works fine. All games, at least (well, except PES 3, but that's a tricky one...). Well, coming up at the point: what happened was that something changed in my PC: i can no longer see DIVX (.avi) movies. "what does that have to do with the geforce?", you may ask. Or "that's a codecs problem!", you may also say. But it is not from the codecs, i'm quite sure. The message that i get is "overlay failed!", or something about an OVERLAY problem. Then, theres's no image, just green, yellow, difuse stripes. Or the pc crashes... I've asked a friend of mine and he told me that the "overlay thing" is a matter of the graphic board. Is it, really? I've read some (few) thing's about a "overlay problem" withe Geforce FX boards, but it was really evasive stuff...
can someone please "clear the path" to me?? tell me, please... if there's something wrong with my board. And if so... how to fix it!

Thank's in advance!

12-16-03, 08:12 PM
My first guess is that it has to do with improper uninstallation of the original card. Since it's a completely different architecture on the FX card, it may still be trying to access the MX's way of doing overlay, perhaps through some files left in the system32 directory. Did you go through the uninstall routine before removing the original card? If not, I'd guess using Drivercleaner, and perhaps manually deleting some registry settings and/or removing all nv_____ files *should* correct your problems. When I switched from a tnt2 to a geforce DDR I had similar problems/conflicts, as well as when I switched from the Geforce DDR to a TI4200 (all nvidia cards). All my problems were solved by properly cleaning all legacy files from the system32 directory. You might even want to reinstall your old card, then uninstall it again, and THEN install your new one.

If all else fails, and you're fairly certain the card isn't defective, a complete windows reinstall will definately solve your problems. I, (too?), thought that the unified driver model made it unnecessary to uninstall the old card before installing the new one. But, of course, this is pure guesswork, your problem may just as well be a defective card. When my Ti4200 failed due to a bad component, it failed so gradually that I couldn't believe it was actually failing. 3d worked for a while, but only on the 40's series of drivers, and NOT on the 30.82's. Then it stopped working on the 40's series, while 2d was just fine. That's when I found burn marks on the card. My point: Don't assume anything too hastily. It's probably fine.

12-16-03, 09:07 PM
Running DVDs with certain Det drivers if you had TV out on your video card. Don't know if its related but I thought they fixed it with newer drivers.

I'm thinking its driver problem, not your video card.

12-17-03, 05:54 AM
thank's for the tips!

I still have the same problem, but i think it's getting better... this is what happens now:
- I've gone to Control Panel and deleted nVdidia Drivers that where there. Ok. I've rebooted the pc and instaled new drivers, the latest (strange thing: even after deleting the drivers - and they were deleted, as windows made the "new software found" anouncement - in the process of installing the new drivers... a message asking if i wanted to install the new files over some old ones. how can that be!? Strange... but I've pressed "yes" and went on fine with the instalation of the new drivers). Next step (after anoter reboot, of course), was to see If that "overlay" thing was still happening. So, I've tried to open a divx (.avi) file... and, oh! joy, the movie was doing allright! no "overlay failure!" notice! great, I tought. I've tested all movies, and they were all running without a problem! But then... I've got my tv-out exit working ok - i see in my tv what i see in my monitor, with no problems. But, when you're running a divx (and this I know from my former experience with "working divx on geforce 4 MX 440") you've got to go to "properties" (in the windows environment), "definitions", "advanced", "Geforce FX 5600XT" and then put "video nView 2: Tv Pal B" (pal B 'cause i'm from Portugal, Europe) as the main screen. If that worked out, what should happen is that you don't get to see the image on your monitor (it turns black) but you see it on you tv. (if that option is not selected, the opossite happens: black screen on your tv, image on your monitor.) And then, after i've selected tv Pal B as my main screen... when I tried to run the movies... "overlay failed!" again!!!! and after that... even when I return to the previous setting and put "analog monitor" as main screen (what worked previously)... the "overlay failed!" error strikes back!!! how's that possible!?? (strange again... the first time that error happens, i press ok and the video starts nicely, but at the same time in the monitor an in the tv... no big problem, you may say... but, when i exit and after 30 seconds I press ok in the "overlay failure!" error box again... there's no image at all, just stoped stripes and nothing resembling of a image! So, this is my (STRANGE!) problem... i've just noticed I've writen a LOT! but... i'me really in a jam here... if someone is kind enough to read all of this and help me...

12-17-03, 07:23 AM
Well, if you really want a workaround, go into the view/options tab under Windows Media Player, and set Hardware Acceleration all the way to the left (off). If you use a different media player, just find the setting for hardware acceleration and set it to off. It should solve the problem, though it would be better if you could find the reason for it.

12-17-03, 08:24 AM
thank's! but...
i've done it, i've turned off the hardware accelaration but the problem remains... that damm "overlay failed" error keeps appearing!
if someone else can help somehow... THANK'S!

12-17-03, 08:35 PM
Okay you're definately on the right track. I had the same problem when I got my current card which has tv-out (as well as dual monitor outputs). When I first tried hooking it up with my tv, I got the exact same problem. The only difference was however that instead of mirroring my display on the tv, I used the tv as an extended desktop. My problem was that the divx image would show only on what was set as a primary display. If I tried to play the video on the secondary display, I would get the media player window on it, but the video window itself was black. But the strange thing was that this problem also applied to when I tried to play divx files on my secondary MONITOR. Not just the tv! Note that I didn't get an overlay error message, only that the video overlay didn't seem to apply to the secondary display (didn't matter whether it was the tv or my second monitor).

To this day I still can't solve that problem, BUT it only applied to windows media player 8. Using mplayer2, as well as upgrading to windows media player 9 solves this problem ENTIRELY.

So, the next step for you to take is to play your divx files through mplayer2.exe, which is in the same folder as the regular win media player, OR update to wmp9 (on Microsofts update site).

It could very well be that this is your exact problem. Although I didn't get any overlay error message, the problem sounds VERY similar to mine, namely that certain videoplayers can't output overlays to secondary displays.