View Full Version : ASUS TUSL2- C mobo+PIII 1 Gig flip chip

12-17-03, 11:16 AM
hey guys,
Just upgraded my system to an Nforce2 with a Athlon 3200 and no longer need this stuff.

It's in perfect working order, and also comes with 512 MB of PC133 ram.

I also have the manual for the mobo, and the installation CD.
I'd suggest updating the BIOS, since i hadn't done that for a year.
Asking $150 shipped i have a paypal account as well.

also have:
Visiontek GF3 Ti500 64 MB vid card w/ CD - $40+shipping
Soundblaster Live! 5.1 PCI card w/CD - $40 + shipping
Adaptec 2940UW SCSI controller card - $20 + shipping
Iomega external USB powered Zip Drive 250 (the skinny translucent blue one) w/ stand and CD - $40 +shipping

I can also be reached at 816 753 0577 for any questions in the evening.

Oh yeah, and for the musicians out there i have:
1000 watt Yamaha EMX5000 PA mixer, tabletop model with long travel faders, 8 xlr channels, 2 effects processors built in, and way too much more to list. - it's been used once and is under full factory warranty.
asking $625 + shipping - this is a steal.

tons of boss pedals under 100 bucks each (some way under) including:
PS 3 pitch shifter, PH 3 Phaser, CEB- 3 bass chorus, HM 3 Hyper Metal.
also Digitech Synth Wah, Carl Martin Delayla analog delay, Morley Pro Wah/Volume.
all of these work perfectly. some are pretty, some are pretty ugly.

12-17-03, 11:34 AM
ti500=YUMMY... :)

Nice price... me wants!!!

I'll be pm'ing you shortly... I can send a MO out by tomorrow...


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12-20-03, 11:58 AM
are you no longer interested?

It's been a couple of days...

12-20-03, 12:17 PM
Yes, I'm interested!!! :)

Sorry, been busy... mater of fact, I'm workin right now!!! (although, check my posts for today and you'll see that i've done a little frogging around... )

Shoot me a pm with your address and I'll send a MO out to you pronto...