View Full Version : 5900nu graphics corruption in morrowind and mafia?

12-18-03, 09:28 AM
I just recently bought an xfx geforce 5900nu from newegg. however, in certain games i've noticed that certain things aren't rendered correctly.
If anyone here has either mafia or morrowind and a geforce fx 5900, can you verify these issues?

With mafia (latest patch), blood on the floor and shadows near the blood will flicker rapidly. By that i mean that the blood on the floor and the shadows near the body and blood will disappear for a split second then reappear for a split second and it will continue on and on.

Also, there are very noticable white dots or black dashes that make up floor cracks which don't appear with my roomate's radeon 9800. The best example would be when you start free ride mode and look at the ground near the car.

Could someone tell me how to take screenshots in mafia so i can post the issue above?

For morrowind, certain parts of a map will have black sploches. A good example would be near the bridge in Balmora.

And one quick thing for neverwinter nights (NWN with HOU and HOD installed). between the opening company logos, i see a pattern of randomly checkered colors when the company logos switch. This happens randomly. Another thing is when I turn on high resolution text in the game on, there will randomly be artifacting on the text. This also happens randomly and i will get a screenshot the next time it happens.

Yeah, so if anyone has these games, can you tell me if what i'm seeing is a software issue or if there is something specifically wrong with my card?
I've tried different drivers (45.23, 52.16 and 53.03s) and still had the same problem. I had reformated after i installed the card.

system specs
512 PC800 RDRAM
WIN XP SP1 with all the hotfixes
directx 9.0b
SB live value
xfx geforce 5900 400/850 (never been overclocked)


12-18-03, 10:11 AM
You'd be better served by just uploading via the attachment feature on the boards, I cant access that, Geocities says it unavailable.

12-18-03, 11:00 AM
sorry bout that, the link works fine for me..anyways here's the attachment...had to crop it a bit since it was too big

12-18-03, 11:26 AM
here's a shot from mafia, i can't get the blood/shadow ones down cuz it flickers too fast.

as you can see, a bit above the painted line is a line of black dashes. Its not very noticble in the pic, but when the game is running and the car is moving those dashes seem to move from side to side,

12-18-03, 11:35 AM
The first link works fine, you just have to copy and paste the address ;)