View Full Version : Leadtek A250 Ultra 128MB Vs Leadtek A310 XT/TD FX5600 XT 256MB

12-19-03, 10:41 AM
:confused: Have now tried both cards out. Seem to be little difference except in Halo when the 4600 is fine but the 5600 crawls.

Which is the better card, help me out here???

Does the TD stand for Turbo Diesel (lol)??

12-19-03, 10:55 AM
The Ti4600 is running DirectX 8 shaders while the 5600 is running DirectX 9 in Halo, and the 5600 is a slouch when running anything DX 9. If you use the command line prompt -use14 (add it so it looks like C:\whatever\Halo\halo.exe -use14). Your performance should go up.

In the meantime, ditch that 5600 and pick up a 5900 non-ultra. They're not that much more expensive and they perform far better.

12-19-03, 11:15 AM
FX5600 XT 256MB is a 64bit memory bus card I think. That would explain why it's so slow, 64bit memory bus cards are HORRIBLE. 256megs of texture memory is meaningless and does not make up for it. The TI4600 has a 128bit memory bus and will outperform ANY card with mere 64bit.

12-19-03, 02:30 PM
Originally posted by Gator
FX5600 XT 256MB is a 64bit memory bus card I think.

See that I was not aware of. If your card is indeed a 5600XT, that is absolutely the reason why you're seeing much poorer performance. Stick that 4600 back in, return the 5600 and wait for the next-generation cards to come out in the spring. That way you can pick up one of those or take advantage of the inevitable price drop of the current crop of cards (9800 Pro should be down to about $200 by then).

12-21-03, 08:15 AM
Thanks guys. I'll stick with the 4600 for now and give the 5600 to my brother. Merry Xmas