View Full Version : BFG 5700U for 80$ good deal Brand new

12-19-03, 09:09 PM
OK here is how I got my BFG5700U for 80$. Since I am buying the boomslang mouse anyways I consider that into my price.

First go to bestbuy.com and buy the BFG 5700U for 219.99. With the 40$ rebate the price comes out too 179.99. Right now best buy has a thing going that say " Buy anything over 200$ and get 20$ off you next order".

Next go back to BestBuy.com and order BFG Boomslang 2100 mouse for 79.99$,then go download the 79.99 rebate from BFGtech.com, and also recive your 20$ BestBuy rebate.

Total for mouse and videocard 299.98$

Here are the rebates
40$ BFG 5700 Ultra rebate
79.99$ Rebate for Sniper Boomslang 2100 from Bestbuy.com.
20$ Bestbuy internet instant savings.

Total rebate saving 139.99$

Total spent 159.99

Shipping is Free

Not a bad deal if you ask me. And since I was going to buy the mouse anyway (cost is 80$) I thought 80$ more for BFG 5700 Ultra is a steal.

What do you guys think??

P.S. That best buy 20$ thing is only good for like 2 more days I think. Also shipping is also free.

12-19-03, 09:27 PM
Just wanted to say that even if you didnt want the mouse, 160$ for the BFG 5700Ultra is a good deal.And I bet you could get 40-50$ for the Sniper Boomslang mouse on ebay or somewhere. So that would take the price of the card down even lower then 160$.

Hey I bought these games too. THQ - Warhammer 40,000:Fire Warrior. It's a FPS and has DX9. Was wondering if this game would utlize the cards graphics power.I also got Tron 2.0 DX ?. Will these games show what this card can do with graphics? I am upgrading from a TI4200 (leadtek ? I think).

12-19-03, 10:14 PM
On two nice gaming products. Just hope if you have any mail-in rebates that they don't take too long. I hate mail in rebates :rolleyes:

Congrats on new video card and mouse :)