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09-26-02, 01:09 PM
Since my total reinstall of WINXP PRO (not sp1,) I have only installed the 30.82 set. I downloaded the new beta 40.72. I went through the typical routine: Uninstall 30.82, run the 30.xx-40.xx fix (removes redundant files,) install 40.71 etc...

The problem is when I did uninstall 30.82, WINXP loaded a 29.42 4600ti (Gateway) driver which I CANNOT uninstall via the control panel. It simply redetects again upon reboot.

I had to install 40.71 over the 29.42 gateway driver and I cannot complete a 3dmark2001SE bench (crashes to desktop and BSOD stop errors.) Quake 3 has lost 10 fps and I think it's related to the driver WINXP is installing by default. A note of curiosity: After the WINXP install last week, it would NOT install this 29.42 gateway driver.

How do I remove the 29.42 and any other driver which for some odd reason is lurking within WINXP?

09-26-02, 02:19 PM
Twenty people view your thread and nobody helps.....thats shameful. Anyway, first go to add-remove programs and find the Nvidia driver in there. Remove it and reboot. Load up the standard vga adapter driver. Reboot again and THEN install the new drivers, whatever version you want to use. You may also want to go to run-then type regedit and look for registry entries that Nvidia has in there. Make sure to do this BEFORE installing the new Nvidia drivers. Hope I helped you.

09-26-02, 02:38 PM
Originally posted by jblank
Twenty people view your thread and nobody helps.....thats shameful.

Perhaps if he had also looked through the forum he would have seen this topic covered here (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1529).

I'll say it again here, it's a good idea to be in safe mode when you use the control panel, add/remove programs option to uninstall the drivers. That way you can ensure all files have been deleted properly.

09-26-02, 02:44 PM
I tried that. After I uninstall the drivers in control panel, I get the dialogue "press any key to reboot." >Immediately< after reboot XP automatically reinstalls the 29.42 gateway drivers before I can install the standard VGA driver, even if I reboot in safe mode. I've also tried removing the drivers and registry settings in safe mode.

I tried wiping out all references after uninstallation but before reboot including a copy of the nvdisp.inf file in WINDOWS\INF which is called oem3.inf then rebooted. It still installed the 29.42 immediately after reboot.

I've tried to install the Standard VGA driver over the Gateway driver (I don't have a Gateway BTW) but it shows no such driver available.

This is friggin baffling.

Any reinstall of a later driver causes lockups in games and benchmarks.

09-26-02, 02:49 PM
Even in safe mode, the 29.42 gateway driver reinstalls.

I've never been able to get detonator destroyer to work in WIN XP PRO.

09-26-02, 02:49 PM
Okay, that is weird. Usually removing those files in safe mode does the trick. Hrmmm...how did those Gateway drivers get onto your system in the first place if you said you don't have a Gateway system?

09-26-02, 02:58 PM
I've narrowed it down to two sources.

1) From Windows Update (not from the 29.42 Driver Update or SP1)
2) Or from the 30.82 WHQL install from Visiontek (the driver file differs on the 30.82 from Visiontek. I get a Visiontek logo in the geforce 4 properties.) I'd like to compare the file from Nvidia's site to the one from Visiontek. Too bad they come as packed as an .exe rather than a zipfile.

The same problem happened the last time I tried to uninstall 30.82 (when I tested 40.41) I had to completely reinstall Windows. I really dont feel like repeating that process again.

Again, thanks for the help.

09-26-02, 03:33 PM
"Perhaps if he had also looked through the forum he would have seen this topic covered here."

Or maybe the guy just wanted to bring attention to his problem and needed some personal help. Whats wrong with trying to get some help the way he did? For me its easier to sometimes post a new one rather than search through the whole forum.

09-26-02, 03:54 PM
Originally posted by mongoose
I'd like to compare the file from Nvidia's site to the one from Visiontek. Too bad they come as packed as an .exe rather than a zipfile.

You can do a comparison of the files with the .exe from NVIDIA. If you have Winzip installed on your system, you can right-click on the .exe file and use Winzip's option "extract to folder" and it will unpack all the driver files into a folder for you to look at. I do this myself to look at the nv4_disp.inf files to see if NVIDIA changed its refresh Modes_delta in a particular release.

You also mentioned you used Windows Update to get drivers. Is there anything in your add/remove programs towards the bottom that says something like "Windows XP Hotfix" that corresponds to the installation of those drivers?

When I installed XP SP1, it also installed a different driver on my system (version 29.80 or something), but installing version 40.52 over that hasn't caused me any grief so far.

09-26-02, 04:03 PM
I'll compare the files.

I'm guessing the driver came from Windows Update even though I didn't download it. Perhaps Microsoft snuck it in another update pack I downloaded. The driver is listed as (gateway) exactly the format the driver from windows update is. It is possible Visiontek packed that in as a roll back feature in their driver.

I'll report back later. Life must intercede.

Really, I live for this :cool:

The Baron
09-26-02, 07:23 PM
You sure there's not a Gateway auto-update thing hiding somewhere?

Check c:\windows\inf\catalog (inf is a hidden dir). See if there's any gateway specific stuff in there... if not, go back to inf and delete any nvidia INF files.

09-27-02, 07:19 AM
By chance do you have automatic updating enabled in your administrative services?
If its enabled after removing old drivers and rebooting XP detects new hardware (GF card) and connects to Windows update and installs the driver.

I disabled this service and when i comeback from rebooting after a driver deletion the only drivers that are installed are the default VGA drivers and plug n play monitor drivers( leaving this in manual is ok but uses memory in its idle state)

If ya dont want to disable this service, and are using a broadband connection thats always on, just unplug the modem before ya reboot, auto update will not be able to connect, forcing the install of the default VGA drivers, then install the drivers of your choice reboot, then plug your modem back in.

09-27-02, 12:35 PM
Maj: Automatic updating is one of the first applications I disable after a reinstall.

I couldn't locate the driver on my computer, more like didn't want to sift through 42,000 files.

=SSC=: C:Windows\Inf\>Catalog<??? I have WinXP Pro. I had a catalog folder when I was running Win9x/ME. Also, I have a home built system. Any self respecting power user doesn't go proprietary ;)

I checked my Windows Update history and reviewed every patch. The driver did NOT come from Windows Update.

Part of my problems surfaced from DOH!.dll: a file within my mongoose 2.3 beta application. You know, that damnable application rooted firmly between chair and monitor :rolleyes: After my previous OS install, I disabled system restore. I guess that also disables the driver roll back feature of XP. I had to perform another OS reinstall because of the repeated crashes. All of which should have been avoided with system restore and driver rollback...DOH!

The 30.82 detonator from Visiontek is the last source I can think of for the gateway driver.


The Baron
09-27-02, 04:34 PM
=SSC=: C:Windows\Inf\>Catalog<??? I have WinXP Pro. I had a catalog folder when I was running Win9x/ME. Also, I have a home built system. Any self respecting power user doesn't go proprietary

I've got one from a clean XP Pro format... Only thing in there is via.cat . Just checking.

09-28-02, 04:58 AM
I have the problem discussed in this thread as well -- i.e. after uninstalling drivers (I'm using Win2K), the previous drivers are automatically installed the next time I start the system, so I can't install the "Standard VGA" adaptor. I get this on more than one system, so I'm confused by all the people that say "just uninstall through "add/remove," then reboot and use the "30 to 40 fix," then reboot again and install the new ones. I can't follow these instructions since on the first reboot the system forces the previous drivers on me.

In other words, I'm unable to follow the "step by step" instructions given in the forums since my systems don't behave as described.

Thanks for any help or info on this,


09-30-02, 08:17 PM
if anyone noticed.. windows now includes a stock driver for nvidia cards with the sp1 update. If you look at what components it installs you will find none. It simply installs the basic vga for that card.

The Baron
09-30-02, 10:48 PM
Maybe you should try changing the driver before you uninstall it to the standard VGA adapter and THEN uninstall it.

09-30-02, 11:15 PM
Originally posted by =SSC=The Baron
Maybe you should try changing the driver before you uninstall it to the standard VGA adapter and THEN uninstall it.

I tried this, and the listing for the Nvidia drivers in "Add/Remove Programs" disappeared once I installed the "Standard VGA" drivers. In other words, I litterally COULDN'T uninstall it after doing this.


The Baron
09-30-02, 11:24 PM
Try deleting the nv*.* files in c:\windows\system32 and c:\windows\help under safe mode and immediately installing 30.82. It'll leave the current reg settings, but that shouldn't matter too much...

10-01-02, 12:11 AM
You mean immediately installing 40.71?



The Baron
10-01-02, 12:21 AM
Yeah, sorry, thought you were going back to 30.82 for a second

10-01-02, 04:27 PM
If I do not unplug the netcard from cable modem XP goes and grabs the the whql drivers from windows update site reguardless of the "Automatic Updates" enabled or disabled, heres some tips ive found useful for completely uninstalling nvidia drivers if your interested:

NOTE: theres registry editing in here, use at own risk!

1. Go to C:\windows\inf\ dir and hit F3 to bring up the search box and search for a word or phrase:
delete/move the ones found such as nv3,4.inf and oem*...etc, then open regedit and go here:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Setup], double click "Installation Sources" and remove everything in the box, hit ok, close regedit.

2. Delete everything in this dir (NOT the dir itself):
C:\Program Files\WindowsUpdate\

3. Add/remove programs > uninstall nvidia drivers, click ok to reboot.
4. Unplug your Internet connection before XP starts again.
5. Once back into XP it will say new hardware found..., hit cancel on the VGA..etc screen.
6. Now your ready to install new drivers, enjoy.

10-05-02, 07:07 AM
Would it be so hard for nvidia to include a more robust "uninstaller" with thier driver installation routine? The driver files are already HUGE and include all sorts of languages as well as the ability to install drivers for a whole bunch of different cards -- why not just add all the necessary uninstall procedures as well?


10-05-02, 11:13 AM
This has certainly confirmed my ideas on the sp1 situation.