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12-21-03, 12:54 PM
I've played this when i had a rad9600pro and the 'active stealth' looked nothing like this - it had a nice 'glass like' effect. As it is now it makes an enemy using it pretty much invisible (and it does not look as prudy ;)).

Is this a bug in the 53.03/game or have NV choped out some IQ to make the game more playable (since Bungie did such a bad job).

Take a look at the screenie to see what i mean.


12-23-03, 10:08 PM

Hmm no replies, maybe it was just me that was getting this then.

Anyway i just decided to take a quick look again, and its all back to normal now.


But thats because ive changed graphics card, so i guess Nvidia did change some things to make it run better - no a big deal but it just bothered me cos i didnt know if it was a bug or not.

Problem solved i guess.... sorta :)

12-23-03, 10:09 PM
yea, it's a bug (more or less) with nvidia graphics cards, even the dx9 ones. they just dont do the proper cloaking effect.

The Baron
12-23-03, 10:10 PM
Gearbox says it's an NVIDIA bug. Hmmm... I forgot to email NV about it. I'll get on that sometime.

12-23-03, 10:12 PM
That i didnt know, oh well. It just actually made the game quite a lot harder in some areas as before (with the 9600) if an enemy was using the cloak u can see the shimmering effect. Playing it with the 5900 the enemy was pretty much invisible and u could only see where he was when he fired.... so i guess it does affect the gameplay too. Hope NV get it sorted :) although they did wonders with speeding the game up.