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12-22-03, 03:41 PM
ive been attempting to overclock my athlon xp2600+. But when ever i set the cpu external frecuency to 200 it will lock up and stuff. i tried putting the multiplyer to6.5 but i get the same results. I also tried a multiplyer of 13 at the 166 fsb but it will still lock up. could this be a cooling problem or is it my board wich is an nforce 2 333.

12-22-03, 06:35 PM
umm....have you tried raising the vcore?

12-22-03, 09:39 PM
yeh i think i did , once i accidntally knocked it up all the way to max, i dont know wuts up.. it could be cooling probs cause my cpu smelled the room up alittle.

12-23-03, 02:51 AM
Hmm thats not good.

12-23-03, 04:25 AM
Have you bumped up the voltage of the ram?

12-23-03, 04:29 AM
Yeah better check their site as some memory needs more voltage then others.

12-23-03, 04:58 AM
Leave the multiplier at stock, raise the FSB to 180mhz, raise the vcore to 1.8v.

If this works, up the FSB a bit more. I'm guessing you have a barton, so your multiplier will be 12x. Simply raising the FSB to 200 is asking quite a lot, thats 2400mhz, something not casually achieved usually.

Now, keep upping the FSB until it you cant keep the system stable (it probably wont be too much higher than 180). This will allow you to find roughly your highest clock with a 1.8v core, which is a fairly safe voltage (within 10% of default).

Say your max is ~2.3ghz (193x12), if you want a 200mhz FSB, then work out what multiplier will get you the same core clock. For this example its 11.5x (200x11.5).

Also, is your A7N8X a 333mhz FSB version, or a 400mhz FSB version? i'm not sure how easy the 333mhz FSB ones reach 400mhz, but that could also be your problem... however i am fairly sure this was one of the 333mhz FSB boards that shouldn't have much trouble reaching 400mhz.

You're limit shouldn't be cooling, you just need to aim for something more achievable. 11.5x200 should be achievable by most bartons, you can go ahead and try that or slowly find your max overclock with 1.8v. Once you find something you are happy with, lower the vcore to 1.775 and see if its stable, if it is, try 1.75, if any of these arnt stable, stay with the last stable setting.. for 11.5x200, 1.775 should be the lowest most bartons achieve.

good luck:)

12-24-03, 01:56 PM
thanx for the info ill give it a shot