View Full Version : Does 845-D support 533 Mhz FSP Penium 4s?

09-26-02, 11:58 PM
The subject pretty much says everything. I know the 845E and the 850E are the only official chipsets that support the new 533 Mhz Pentium 4s. However, I only have a 2.0 Ghz Northwood. I was just wondering if my current 845-D can be used with the new 533 Mhz Pentium 4s. I need to know my upgrade options.

Also, does anyone think I should think of upgrading my processor soon?

09-28-02, 05:43 PM
No one knows?

09-28-02, 06:14 PM
i know for the regular i850, it all depends on the board, when it was made, who made it, the quality etc. no idea bout i845d

10-02-02, 05:50 AM
Nope. but you might be able to overclock it that high.
I forgot to say you can find out in the BIOS go to set FSB speed or something and see what it gives you 100(400)MHz and 133(533)MHz a BIOS update may also help.