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12-24-03, 10:20 PM
I recently bough a 512 mb pc2700 module... previously owning a 256mb module of the same kind.

My comp. had never crashed on me before, but now it happens everytiime I run Max Payne 2... the game suddenly quits and returns to the desktop.

Is it possible it is trouble with the newly bought memory?
If so, any way to fix this?

See below specs (but with 768 mb pc2700)

BTW, I guess I'm the only one posting on christmas eve...

12-24-03, 11:32 PM
Filling up all DIMM's is not a good idea. It usually results in you having to run the memory at 266mhz.. if you are already doing this, that isn't your problem, but none the less, filling all 3 DIMM's is a bad idea, take one stick out and see what happens.

12-27-03, 12:42 AM
I removed one of the sticks and tested the stability on games and normal software...

Evidently, that was the problem.

I'm going to download an upgrade for the BIOS (need it also for barton support)... is there a chance this will fix the problem?

BTW, why is this happening? I mean, what is the problem of using 2 slots rather than one?

AND... would it help if I used 2*512 modules?

12-27-03, 03:28 AM
Filling 3 DIMM doesn't really have anything to do with it, my K7N2 DELTA(nForce2 ultra) was perfectly stable while using Crucial 256MB PC2100 Double Side, TwinMOS 512MB PC2700 Double Side & Crucial 128MB Single side. My ASUA A7M266 didn't like them mixed mind.

Update you BIOS should be the first thing you do, it can improve compatablily with memory, also cheap generic stuff can be a pain in the back side that maybe why it doesn't like you other memory. Try changing sockets too.

12-28-03, 05:19 PM
Thank's Dazz... I'll give ... erm... everything a try. ;)

12-28-03, 05:56 PM
If the modules arent the same brand, that may cause problems, maybe try slower ram timings if you havent already?

12-28-03, 06:55 PM
Originally posted by Smokey
If the modules arent the same brand, that may cause problems, maybe try slower ram timings if you havent already?

Both are spectek pc2700 modules.

Ram timings?
You are speaking in french to me. Remember: me = n00b

12-28-03, 06:56 PM
Try running the microsoft memory tester on each stick of ram individually to see if either is screwed up.


If both are ok by themselves try moving them around in various configurations testing with the ms memtester as you go.

It's much faster than memtest86 and I find it'll let you know pretty quickly when you have a problem.

02-16-05, 02:55 AM
For testing should u run at default clock speeds on the memory?

02-16-05, 11:23 AM
...is this software tester still safe or its already outdated? can enybody suggest a new ram tester software?

Still safe.

I would personally advise to use this and Memtest86.

I dont think Memory diagnostic tools could ever go out of date can they ? I mean all they do is send dummy infomation to the ram which in turn spits is back out, the data is compared and if there is a mismatch you know where the problem lies.