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12-25-03, 04:04 AM
ok, heres the problem. I started off with a seagate 80gig hdd.
for christmas, i got a new one, which was 120gig with an 8meg cache.

the 80gig was partitioned into 3 drives. c: was 10gig, d: was 4gig and e: had the rest (66gig). i put the new drive in, no problems at all, exept one. i've transferred all my files onto my 80gig e: drive, which is now g:, becuase the 120gig hdd is the primary, and the 80gig is the secondary.

i made a partition and installed windows on a new partition, which is 40gig on the 120gig hdd. now theres two drives, c: and G:.

i'm transferring all my files that were on G: onto C:, but then thats were my problem comes in. i've got all this unpartitioned space on the 120gig (80gig!!) and i dont know how to make it...accessable. its the same story with the 80gig hdd.

80gig in unpartitioned space on one drive.
20gig in unpartitioned space on another drive.

in other words, i'm looking for a program or something that lets u partition the space on a drive. anyone have a clue?:confused:

12-25-03, 08:40 AM
Partition Magic would probably do the trick, I think they're on version 8 now. :)

12-25-03, 01:44 PM
Does it show up in windows explorer? If so you can right click and select format, and yes sometimes this works.

If it doesn't you can format with the install CD but you must be careful to not destroy what you already have.

Or you can buy partition magic as Dig said.

12-26-03, 06:08 PM
thnx, i tried partition magic demo, and it was bein stupid, and i couldn't get it to work. i put my xp cd in, then created new partitions on the unpartitioned space, but instead of installing windows again, i just quit the installer, then the unpartitioned space came up in my computer, then i formatted it from there. thnx for the help fellas.

12-31-03, 11:23 AM
You can partition space right in Windows. Control Panel-->Admin. tools then more menus. It looks at all your partitioned and unpartitoned space and you can have windows do as much or as little as you want. You can even be bowsing the internet as you do it. If anyone doesn't know how or would like to know I can go through the process with you.

12-31-03, 11:52 AM
My best advice is to back up what you want to save and reformat. You got a nice new HDD so I would start anew.