View Full Version : X2:TT stuttering & jerkiness !

12-26-03, 07:07 PM
I'm playing X2:TT with 5950u using 53.03 WHQL drivers but i'm still getting a stuttring & jerkiness in the game & in the cutsences too !
i treid disabling all advanced settings like bumpmas & shadows / lowring res , i got higher framerate but the game still stutter .
any idea how to fix this ??

The Baron
12-26-03, 08:01 PM
hmmm... I have the same problem with 52.16, but I thought it was fixed in 53.03. Then again, like all Elite/Frontier/First Encounter-type games, it is incredibly buggy at the moment. Hopefully, it'll get fixed soon enough...

12-30-03, 02:26 PM
Play with your d3d vsync settings. Set it to Off and Render 0 frames ahead.