View Full Version : I want more speed what should i buy?

12-28-03, 02:25 PM
Ok i got cash now and want good memory not too sure what to buy GeiL, Corsair, OCz.

Got the following rig in my sig (click link) what some memory thats a good overclocker and future proof as much as possible.

Looking into EL/LL memory PC3200+ or PC3700 memory.
I have around £200~230 to spend on it and looking for matched pairs (just incase) Later on i am looking into an Athlon 64 (939pin) hence future poof.


12-28-03, 04:05 PM
Just saw some Geil® Ultra 1.0GB PC4000 Dual Chan DDR Kit [2x512MB] 500MHz [3.5ns Cas 2.5 7-4-4] low latency Copper heat spreader for £217 think i should buy it?

12-28-03, 04:53 PM
Ah to hell with it, i ordered it. Read some real good reviews on it, some are getting them up as high as 550MHz. And considering AMD are now looking towards overclockers by unlocking their Athlon 64 below what they run at aka 2GHz = 10x and lower are open. Even if the CPU core doesn't overclock that high i can fall back on a high FSB :cool: that and they look cool :)


12-28-03, 05:02 PM
I got Geil and I like it. :)

12-28-03, 05:13 PM
Recently i have been hearing alot of good things about them, although not when they first got on the market. They are still a fairly new company but have already paired up with ABIT and i remember seeing a banner at ASUS.com recommending them so thats a good thing if 2 of the top players are recommending them/ Heard some bad things about OCz also with ORB but they seemed to of wiped that off and made a good comeback too.

It was donw to getting either, Corsair PC3200LL XMS PRO 1GB or get the Geil Ultra PC3200 1GB PC4000 for the same price. Also heard AMD may be brining their 939pin Athlons 64 at a 250MHz FSB. After reading some Corsair PC3200LL reviews they wern't all that a good at overclocking 220MHz being the highest. Time to find out how far i can push my K7N2 DELTA's FSB too :D

12-29-03, 03:05 AM
I dont think getting a PC4000 memory is a good idea. Your just waisting your money, unless you have an intel set-up oe planning to upgrade soon. Nforce chipsets max out at 230. If you wanna go beyond that you'll have to do some volt mods. Just buy PC3200 chips that can run 230fsb with fast timings.

12-29-03, 04:06 AM
Yeah i am upgrading in the next few months. Havn't yet decided to go with AMD or try out Intel yet. I was intrested in OCZ PC3700 CL2 Enhanced Latency Memory but could only find them in 256MB forms and not in kit either.

One things for sure i would be better off with an Athlon 64 @ 266 x 8.5 (2.26GHz) then at 226x10 (2.26GHz) :) more so if it's single channel :)
Seen some people with a ASUS K8V @ 270MHz, i know the ABIT KV8 MAX officaly supports 266MHz FSB :)

12-29-03, 08:40 PM
Only reason i would stay away from PC4000 is the apparent lack of latency adjustment options.. If you could lower the clock speed down to 400 or something and run the timings at 2,2,2,6 then i would definately consider it, but for a K7 based system, DDR400 is all you need, then latency is the most important thing.

Still for a 939pin K8 system this might be a great investment. Just hope AMD decide to go the DDR500 route;)

12-30-03, 04:48 AM
I just hope they still consider have all their mutliplires unlocked below their speed :D Newcastle w/ dual DDR will do nicely, more so as i noticed my ram can do 533MHz easy.

Geil® Ultra 1.0GB PC4200 Dual Chan DDR Kit [2x512MB] 533MHz [3.5ns Cas 3 8-4-4 ] low latency Copper heat spreader
Geil® Ultra 1GB PC4000 Dual Chan DDR Kit [2x512MB] 500MHz [3.5ns Cas 2.5 7-4-4 ] low latency Copper heat spreader

Only diffrence between them is latency they even use the same 3.5ns memory chips :) Also i wouldn't drop my memories TRAS to 6 it beforms slower then 7 but better then 8.

12-30-03, 07:39 PM
Thats fairly low latency for PC4000, what are the lowest timings you can use (underclocked of course)?

If i was sure socket 939 would mean DDR500, then i would have went that way for sure... but i thought all DDR500 used CAS3.0, 2.5 isn't that bad at all.

12-30-03, 08:52 PM
i would recommend mushkin black level2 and the ocz el le (pc3500s for both)

pc3700+ use cas 2.5 and up which overclocks better but the performance isnt up to par with cas 2 running 1:1 (with both being overclocked)

12-31-03, 04:49 AM
Just got it today wrapped in 4 meters of bubble wrap lol
The current timing is 2.5/3/3/7 2.7v(max my board does) @ whatever speed my computer likes which is currently 220(440)MHz FSB TRAS is set to 7 as i have noticed peformance is best at that setting but can do lower. By SPD the BIOS puts my memory @ 2/4/4/8 but won't post. I am starting to think this is somthing to do with my board as this is the same setting it uses for my Infineon PC3200 which is so post to be 3/3/3/8.

Computer posts @ 230(460)Mhz but won't boot into windows havn't tried any fine tuning yet.

12-31-03, 05:53 AM
Heres pretty much my MAX stable FSB overclock or around, 450MHz CL 2.5/3/3/7 @ 2.7v


Also the strange thing is my board CPU and PSU temps are a little lower 2C each :eek:

12-31-03, 10:38 AM
You might look at a sis 748 board. Some ppl can hit 250\500 FSB stable and the board are cheap. I can hit 235 on my sis746 stable and both chipsets at locked at 33/66 and you can lower or rase the agp clock.

12-31-03, 11:21 AM
Who does decent SIS 748 overclocking boards?