View Full Version : OCZ Tech DDR PC-3000

09-27-02, 12:01 PM
What do you guys think of OCZ' ram quality/overclockablility? The reviews I've seen on this ram have been excellent, even one guy who got it up to 195mhz w/ cas2.5 & 183mhz w/ cas2, which is not bad for the a via chipset. My goal is to at least reach the the 170mhz mark if not better. I know there's some other good ram out there, so if you have any suggestions or experience w/ pc3000, 3200 or higher ram plz let me know. Don't wanna break my piggy bank for nothing ;)

09-27-02, 12:07 PM
Well, you pay a premium for it, but check out some reviews of Corsair XMS3200.


Consistently ~215MHz@CAS2 with aggressive timings. :cool:

Personally, if the Corsair were too expensive I'd go for Samsung PC2700 (being careful to get Samsung chips, Samsung PCB). If it's correctly burnt-in it should be easily capable of 195-200MHz with aggressive timings and is pretty cheap.


09-27-02, 08:37 PM
theres the 2.5rev of the ocz, and the 2.0 rev of the ocz. i have th 2.5, its alright, but i think from reviews, corsair is by far the best. if i could change my mind i would've got corsair.