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12-29-03, 12:51 AM
I know this is off topic, but I figured I'd get a better answer for my question in this forum than in the off-topic forum. I just got an audigy 2 zs card and whenever i attempt to enable eax in a game I get terrible crackling problem sounds. I made sure that the sound card is the only thing on the IRQ, and I am using the latest drivers. does anyone know if this is a known issue with this card? If so, its going back really fast....

the games that were the worst are call of duty and unreal II

Again, I apologize for the off-topicness, but I really didn't know of any soundblaster forums similar to this nvidia one to post at.

thanks in advance...

12-29-03, 01:02 AM
Belongs in general hardware
Should get a better response there anyway...

The Baron
12-29-03, 01:04 AM
do you have a motherboard that uses a Via chipset?

12-29-03, 04:02 AM
Could you list some system specs?
Ive used my Audigy2 in 2 different motherboards, using 2 different chipsets and had nasty scratchy/screatchy problems in game (ravenshield).

On the KT3Ultra using VIA chipset, I used the VIA IDE miniport driver to fixed the problem.
On my current board using SiS chipset, the problem was infact an IRQ sharing problem, once the A2 was reseated in a different pci slot, and a double check it wasnt sharing an IRQ, problem was fixed :)

12-29-03, 07:33 AM
Sorry, yeah I will repost in the general hardware forum. I am using the nForce 2 chipset, here are my specs...

AMD athlon XP 2500
gigabyte ga-7n400 pro2
1 gig pc3200
audigy 2 zs soundcard
nvidia geforce fx 5900

thanks for any help......

The Baron
12-29-03, 08:04 AM
are you sure your memory timings are correct? I had a very similar problem as what you are experiencing, and the cause was that my memory timings were too aggressively set.

12-29-03, 08:59 AM
I heard that memory running at 400MHz and beyond give off alot of EM interference hence the lack of low latency PC3200 memory and beyond.

The Baron
12-29-03, 09:45 AM
Originally posted by Dazz
I heard that memory running at 400MHz and beyond give off alot of EM interference hence the lack of low latency PC3200 memory and beyond.
actually, I think that low-latency PC3200 = PC3700 = PC4000 = PC4200 or whatever they have now. If you look at the timings on the higher-rated modules, they are incredibly loose; I'd bet that someone could get a stick of good PC3200 to PC4000.

12-29-03, 10:03 AM
There was an article linked here to a site that did an analysis of PC3200 memory and how its timings affect system performance. The basic conclusion was that these low latency modules have a minimal performance benefit, at least on nForce2 chipsets.

12-29-03, 11:04 AM
yes my ddr 500 can only do cas3:( ugly

12-30-03, 09:54 AM
What would be some good memory timings to try? I have PC3200 memory and i don't have much experience messing with the timings... thanks

The Baron
12-30-03, 10:00 AM
2.5-3-3-6 is probably pretty safe for PC3200.

12-30-03, 02:19 PM
If that doesn't work, 2.5-4-4-8 definitely should.

12-31-03, 05:26 PM
If nothing solves your problems... just throw more money at it :-)

I tried a different set of speakers, and they worked like a charm. No static, no popping. The card does not like my speakers, so I went with a nice 5.1 speaker setup, works like a champ.... booyah

Thanks for all the replies

01-01-04, 12:30 PM
I just got an audigy 2 zs card and whenever i attempt to enable eax in a game I get terrible crackling problem sounds.

Go into your Creative Mixer...
Slide the master volume to 50%.
Slide the rest of the sliders to max volume.
Make sure Bass & Treble are at 50%.

Doing this completely kills my crackling and distortion on my Audigy 1.

When I want louder volume, I use the dial on the speakers, not the mixer software. Cranking those sliders actually overdrive the sound, creating the crackling and distortion.

01-01-04, 03:04 PM
Hmmm, low latency makes little odds?

In 3dmark2003 low detail tests, the difference between RAS pre-charge of 3 and 2, made about 4 fps difference. Quite alot when you consider how low level, that bit of tweaking is.

I run my ram at 2-2-2-6. No problems soo far.

The Baron
01-01-04, 03:11 PM
damn you, Nutty, I have to run the same RAM at 2-3-2-6 or else I get crackling/popping with Soundstorm.

meh, I should try it again--maybe I'd get lucky.

01-01-04, 04:01 PM
What mode are you using soundstorm in? I'm currently just using 2 speaker, no digital output, or surround encoding.

My bro just bought a barton 2800, MSI board, and some Abit ddr400 (I didn't know abit did ram, but thats what he reckons) Supposed to be cas 2.5, but alot of his apps just keep quiting out. Explorer keeps crashing with errors too.. I told him to try cas 3, see if it fixes it. Shoulda bought corsair I reckon :)

btw, anyone know what the hell those 2 additional ports on the USB metal header thingy are?

The Baron
01-01-04, 04:13 PM
those are Firewire ports, ugly. :) (only bracket I've seen with 4 and 6 pin--very useful, as my camcorder only has 4 pin)

I'll try it again, might have to bump the vdimm.