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12-29-03, 09:11 AM
I heard that you can unlock the nvidia drivers so that you can use the professional options, just like the nvidia quadro's.

But it seems like the best way to to that is not by unlocking the drivers, since you cant do so with new drivers, but by changing the device ID in the card's bios you can.

Im really looking forward to change the device ID, since I wanna use the 3ds max options in the quadro series cards. Is it safe to do so?
I have an MSI FX5900.

The Baron
12-29-03, 09:43 AM
Mmmmm... I know that was possible on GF4 cards because it was in fact in the card's BIOS. However, I think that on FX cards the device ID is actually hard-wired into the chip. I don't think even a BIOS flash will help you out with that. Of course, I could be wrong, but I haven't heard f anyone who has done a FX-> Quadro mod. C'mon, you could then buy a FX5900 for $190 and turn it into a $2200 Quadro 3000 (or almost ;) ).

12-29-03, 11:07 AM
Yes indeed, you are wrong.

One of my friend did flash his FX cards bios with a Quadro device ID, and when he installed latest driver he would have the quadro options and everything.

Sad thing is I can't contact the person in question since he is in holiday vacation.

The Baron
12-29-03, 11:11 AM
Quadro options in the driver do not necessarily equal Quadro features, which is the whole point of the mod.

12-29-03, 11:17 AM
Well the whole point of doing this mod, for me is to enable realtime HDRI map rendering in 3dsmax, which is an option only available on Quadro cards, obviously. And If I can have that option I would be very pleased.

I heard that rendering speeds are better too, under the quadro driver.
I can barely believe that since rendering speeds are based purely on processing power...

12-29-03, 04:11 PM
How to softmod your FX to Quadro (tested on a 5900U):

* go to the following page guru3d downloads (http://download.guru3d.com/vid_tweak/) and download "RivaTuner 2.0 RC 14.3 + SoftR9x00 + SoftFireGL" and "SoftQuadro 4".

* install RivaTuner and unpack the SoftQuadro ScriptPack into the RivaTuner installation directory.

* download the driver of your choice and unpack it into a seperate folder (I used 53.03).

* check for files ending with "??_". If there any at all, copy the file "UnpackDriver.bat" from the "RivaTuner\Tools\UnpackDriver" folder to the folder containing the driver files and run the batch file.

* start RivaTuner, go to "Power User" and click on "open patch script". Switch over to the folder "RivaTuner\PatchScripts\NVIDIA\NVStrap antiprotection" and select either "NVStrap antiprotection w2k.rts" for NT OSes or "NVStrap antiprotection w9x.rts" for 9x OSes. If done correctly a new window pops up, click on continue, browse to the folder containing the driver files and patch the "nv4_mini.sys".

* Still in RivaTuner go to the "Main" tab, then "Target Adapter", click on the pop up button and choose "low level system settings". Select the "NVStrap driver" tab, install the driver and then select Quadro in the "PCI Device ID settings".

* Last step is to uninstall the current drivers, reboot and install the patched drivers using the "nv4_disp.inf"! This is important, do NOT use the "setup.exe" if included!

Of course I will not take any responsibilities to whatever will happen due to this to your graphiccard, PC, dog, house or wife :)

In fact, I cannot even guarantee if this above descriped method works at all. After this, the driver should recognize your card as a Quadro series card but it may be possible that some or even no Quadro features at all are enabled with "my" method.

To explain, all GeForce cards up to GF3 included are GPU-identical to the corresponding Quadro cards. Beginning with the GF4, nvidia did in fact incorporate GPU changes between the gaming and the professional cards so that QuadroMods no longer work 100%. It's almost certain that nvidia made even more changes between normal GFFXes and Quadro FXes than ever before.

Maybe "Unwinder" is still active here on the forums and can give you more information about how the QuadroMod situation changed with the latest FX cards since he is the original author of the softmod tool.

One more thing: I have been using this softmod since some weeks on my 5900U which is now recognized as a Quadro FX 3000 although I'm still not that sure if the above-mentioned method really worked on it (even though the driver now recognizes the card as a Quadro card). I have currently no time to verify this nor a real Quadro FX to compare benchmarks.

Concerning HDR, I really doubt that the Quadro FX includes support for the HDR rendering method 3ds max uses. If it doesn't work with the "normal" FX it most certainly will also not work with Quadro FXes. Which max version are you currently using Grafdude? 5.x or 6.0?

Last but not least: The QuadroMod is completely useless for gamers! In fact graphical artificats could arise with "Quadro" cards which would not have happened with the gaming GeForces. Quadros are only usefull if you are interested in professional 3d software.