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01-01-04, 03:35 PM
As anyone that uses Abit motherboards exclusively, EQuito posts modified BIOS updates for people in case Official BIOS updates directly from Abit prove to be unstable. He's been doing this for quite some time without any retribution from Abit.

So why was he suddenly banned?

First, a little history ...

Just days ago, a recent Official BIOS update for the ABIT NF7 / NF7-S 1.x and 2.x revision motherboards was released. The 1.x revision boards now have a BIOS 23 while the 2.x revision boards currently offer a BIOS 21. What does these BIOS updates do officially?

* Update SATA Firmware to version 4.2.43.
BIOS compile date: 12/01/2003.

Unfortunately, many people who have installed this Official BIOS update while running a SATA RAID0 configuation have either been greeted with a black screen after the SATA BIOS ROM starts to boot the RAID stripe or they recieve fatal errors when Windows does boot, like "Unable to process WIN.INI". Some of these users have tried to rebuild their RAID arrays and have come up flat with the same problems. Reverting back to their former BIOS solves them

Here's where EQuito comes in - after extensive tests, he released this...


Hours later - in a totally unrelated thread regarding the best SATA drives on the market, this transpires ...


EQuito merely gave an opinion on the "best-bang-for-the-buck" when it comes to SATA drivers on the market. An Admin disagreed. They seem to have an innocent exchange but it appears the Admin took things too personally - personally enough to bring up EQuito's BIOS Mods up for no apparent reason ... then he ultimately banned EQuito and claimed no more Modded BIOS files are allowed on Abit forums.

So, in closing, if any of the folks here running a RAID0 do intend to update the BIOS of their Abit NF7 / NF7-S boards with the latest Official release - be forewarned of the problems!! You're only recourse would be to either flash back to your previous BIOS or seek out a modified BIOS from EQuito from either of these places...and use AT YOUR OWN RISK!!



01-01-04, 03:58 PM
Suppose that is why I will never own a Abit product ever again. That's so sad, the guy was just being honest and was railed by the mods. :( Them Abit guys seem like fools for what they have done. Wonder if he will ever mod another BIOS again for Abit owners, or will he just change his preference in products?

So sad...



01-01-04, 07:46 PM
I've always loved Abit's products but thats ridiculas. This is also another example of one of my fav ole sayings in action, "If it aint broke, don't fix it!"

01-03-04, 11:24 AM
Looks like there's movement to get EQuito reinstated! :cool:

He's more than welcome to hang here if Abit higher ups don't ... :)

I just flashed my NF7-S 2.0 with his modifed D21 BIOS with narry a problem. This will mark the 2nd modified BIOS of his I've used. The tradeoff was worth it - even though the 4.2.43 SATA Firmware from the official Abit release boots blazingly fast (it's up and gone in 1 second), the more-hit-than-miss issues with booting off RAID0 isn't worth the fast boot time. The tried and true 4.2.27 SATA firmware in Equito modified BIOS is much more stable but adds 3-5 seconds to system boot time (that might sound bad but it isn't - it's still a faster booting board than Soyo Dragon boards by a longshot).

Slow boot + reliable > than fast boot + unreliable! ;)

01-08-04, 06:11 PM
Ugh, Soyo dragon boards are the Slowest POSTING boards ever. It take 3-5 seconds to turn the monitor on, then another 10 just to begin loading windows. Windows takes about 20 seconds to load on a single WD400BB.

01-17-04, 10:36 PM

I think they deleted the link after I posted there suggesting that they delete the entire thread because it was obvious that 'forum moderator pride' is the reason they banned EQuitto.

Can you still see that thread? If so, can you explain how to get there? I can't find it anymore.


01-18-04, 10:10 AM
otoh I have never had any problems with the msi tech boards...

seems a little unfortunate what happened here...

mods should know when they are wrong or have over-stepped their bounds...