View Full Version : F1 2002 problems with driver 40.41

09-28-02, 05:48 AM
I'm having some problems with the official NVidia 40.41 driver. When I trie to change the resolution for the game F1 2002 and turn FSAA (2x) on, my systeem reboots. I even tried the NVidia 40.71 Beta drivers, but I still have the same problem.

Pentium III 866 MHz
Asus P3V4X BIOS 1006 Beta 3
Gainward Geforce 4 Powerpack Ultra 650 TV (64 MB GF4 Ti4200)
512 MB SDRAMM 133
IBM 120GXP 120GB
Windows XP SP1 UK

09-28-02, 08:35 AM
The 40.41 drivers have even more problems than the 40.71's. There was another set released (40.52) between those two and you can download it from www.warp2search.net so try that. If not, just about everyone who has had problems with these sets has gone back to the official 30.82's with success.

09-28-02, 07:53 PM
Its a shame your havin problem with the 40.71's and F12002 becaue they run great here.

I know I have problems with FSAA if I try to enble it in the 3dsetup on F12002, bit if I enable it (force it on) with RivaTuner works a treat.

This is with a GF4 Ti4600.


09-29-02, 03:22 PM
I have been playing F1 2002 with the 40.41 dets since they were released and have had no probs at all with that game, or any others. I am using the 40.52's now and still no probs (so far). Getting Ready to try the 40.71's. I'm not sure why you (and others) are having so many probs with these drivers. Maybe I'm lucky. I always just update the drivers from the the device manager window under system properties. I have never uninstalled the older detanator drivers before installing the new one since I put XP on my system, it is not necessary on XP. Those that do uninstall the old ones first seem to have alot more problems (from my readings any way) with the new releases. How did you update yours?

09-29-02, 03:33 PM
generally when updating between same series detonators, you don't need to uninstall drivers. however a jump from say 30.82 to 40.41, it would be better to uninstall 30.82, because it uses driver references that 40.41 doesn't and are unneeded.

09-29-02, 04:27 PM
I did jump from 30.82 to 40.41 with out uninstalling the old ones. I just click the update driver button in the device manager window and told it where to go. Worked fine.

10-01-02, 07:07 AM
There are no "official" nvidia 40.anything drivers. They are all beta. The only difference is that you can get the beta copy from nvidia's site and not from some other site hosting "leaked" betas...