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01-05-04, 11:25 PM
I have a 29160 in my last PCI slot hooked to my boot HD, a Seagate Cheetah 18.2gb 10krpm, and have had VIA-chipset-like corruption when OC'ing... poopy.

I still don't have all teh particulars to the nforce2 figured out yet.... umm, I thought there was a PCI lock... or is that AGP only? This corruption has happened @ 200fsb, and @ 180, suprisingly...

I've been able to recover every time (though right now I'm being required to do more extensive than usual recovery through the WinXP install repair process), but now I'm wondering if it' sa bad thing to OC this rig with the SCSI in it? I planned on getting a RAID card so I could use both my cheetahs, but if an ATA-100 or 133 RAID card with 2 20gb 7.2k's would make more sense as far as OC compatibility, I'll be all for it...

So what dividers does this chipset feature?

...and maybe should I be kicking myself for not having chipset voltage adjustment on this (rev 1.1) board?

... heh, I'm wonderin if this board will even be all right for a constant and steady 200fsb with mah new 2500...

Me needs some feedback, folks...


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01-07-04, 04:07 AM
I overclocked mine to 192mhz FSB with my 2600 and DDR333 RAM..

I thought the RAM was not allowing it to go higher, but the RAM made 200mhz in my NF7 with 2500+.. i had a rev 1.1 also.

Apparently setting the jumper to 100/133mhz instead of 133/166 will allow you to reach 200mhz, no idea where that jumper is as i decided to buy a new system a keep my stock for a month before i sold it (nm that, i just saw you already reached 200mhz FSB).

Anyway, i was only running my IDE drive, and just an ethernet card in PCI (on board never worked for some reason). I had no problems running a 192mhz FSB, though the system was a little unstable when i pushed it up past 2.35GHz.

Anyway, if you are having troubles when you get the barton i reccomend considering a new board. If you don't wan't SATA the NF7 is very cheap.. it's a pity that you would have to do this, but you can always sell your old system or set up a secondard system.

I really diddn't explore the 8RDA+ too much.. and i can't remember most of what i found out ;p so i have no idea's about the dividers and whatnot.

maybe asking at a nforce or amd based forum like amdzone could help get you an answer.. you will find more people have experience with the mobo, overclocking it and problems like these at such forums.

01-07-04, 05:42 AM
Originally posted by Viral
ethernet card in PCI (on board never worked for some reason).

...me too... I just spent an hour last nite trying AGAIN to get it to work... oh well, I'm glad the 8RDA+ has 6 PCI slots... :rolleyes:

Well, I do have an early A7N8X on the way... maybe that'll be better...

01-07-04, 12:27 PM
You may of disbabled the PCI clk.

01-07-04, 06:36 PM
Originally posted by Dazz
You may of disbabled the PCI clk.


( I just got out of work... me IQ's in the single digitalwanderers, errr, umm, digits right now :p )

... i sure would like to find a way to get the onboard nic to work...

...AND... I'm gonna throw an AL duron cooler with a fan on the northbridge, and the Epox HS on the southbridge... over @ nforcershq ppl talk a lot of smack about Epox's stock passive offering... with proper cooling, 200fsb should not be an unstable area...