View Full Version : GF4 Go Toshiba - wtf is the deal?? Azreal??

09-28-02, 08:33 PM
Ok this is just great - I can't run UT2003 with the crappy 6 month old drivers that Toshiba has on their site (horrible Texture artifacting and glitching) and if I install Azrael's D-Force hacked drivers, I get a black screen on reboot and am forced to go back to the Toshiba junk just to get my screen back.

I have a basically brand new Satellite 5105-S901 with the 64MB GF4 Go 440 and the 15 inch UXGA home theatre screen. P4 2Ghzm 512MB, etc...

I can't tell you how much it pisses me off that Nvidia won't allow ref drivers to work with the GF4 Go. Toshiba isn't even responding to inquiries about a driver update and is blaming Nvidia. WTF is going on??

If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it...


09-28-02, 11:24 PM
Read this thread (http://www.envynews.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=4388) for instructions on a solution that's worked for many people. It's quoted directly from the Toshiba support forums.