View Full Version : PS2 Keyboard plug on motherboard broke

druga runda
01-08-04, 03:22 PM
It's an old PII 350mhz, Intel BX440 chipset... umm and the bios detects that there is no keyboard and doesn't want to pass trough without pressing F1 for forward or Del to enter bios.

Sooooo it's a old PC, working well for those people, until this little accident... I was thinking I will be smart enough to make it work again, but the bios doesn't want to go past that "press F1 key to continue" without the keyboard.... arghhh... any advice from seasoned veterans how to go past that.

Is there any way to start a PC on an Intel BX440 chipset BIOS without the keyboard?

The plan is to install win 2000 on top and use USB keyboard from than on... (if I can go trough and than somehow install win 2000 with just a usb kleyboard perhaps???... or maybe these old BIOS's will not buy that)

What bout some Seiral to PS2 converters... anyway to make the bios read from a serial port?

01-08-04, 03:41 PM
Just try plugging the keyboard into the mouse port.

druga runda
01-08-04, 04:36 PM
actually I tried by mistake, but it didn't work either... how could that work anyway?...

I'll thy once again ;)

01-08-04, 05:08 PM
Maybe some chipsets don't care about where the mouse/keyboard are plugged in. I know I've accidently switched (and on purpose once or twice) the keyboard/mouse ports and it's still worked. But maybe since it's an old mobo thats why it wasn't working.