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01-10-04, 06:30 PM
i was lookin at somthing in rivatuner it says 202 mhz and then it says (404 effective) does that mean i can jsut crank it up to 404 real quick and have it taht fast ? ?

01-10-04, 07:13 PM
nope... DDR stands for double data rate, what that means is your memory is clocked at 202mhz, but since it is DDR, the effective speed is actually double that.... 404mhz.

01-10-04, 07:17 PM
ohh ok thanks

01-11-04, 08:34 PM
Originally posted by zivilian
ohh ok thanks

use coolbits, i like it a lot better than RIVATuner...adds OCing right to the NV control panel