View Full Version : Windows 2k3 and a geforce 3 ti200

01-10-04, 08:36 PM
im using windows 2003 server enterprise. I have enabled hardware acceleration and installed direct x and enalbed it in there too. but for some reason, newer drivers that say will work with 2k3 will not let me boot up and causes a hang at the bootscreen.. so i currently have the driver that came with windows installed. The card does work with the drivers that came with the card, but they do not pass logo testing. either way with both drivers i cannot use direct 3d or agp texture acceleration. Anyone have this problem, can anyone help Ive tried calling msi but no one answers.. thanks

01-10-04, 09:01 PM
try here http://www.msfn.org/win2k3/index.htm

01-11-04, 06:49 PM
been there, done that. Thanks anyway. Any other suggestions?

01-11-04, 11:15 PM
what drivers were you useing? did you try their special windows 2k3 ones?

01-12-04, 08:17 PM
bump yeah i did and it freezes at the bootscreen with those bump

01-12-04, 09:42 PM
Originally posted by smpworksforme
bump yeah i did and it freezes at the bootscreen with those bump hm, i guess you could email nvidia but i havent had any experince with windows 2k3 server.