View Full Version : Sub-zero drivers?? Please!!

01-11-04, 09:13 PM
I just found these forums, hope you guys can help me.
I`m running a twin Vapo unit, one of them on a FX5950u BIOS flashed FX5900u golden sample card and the thing will not reconize negitive temps, it goes down to zero then resets at 255* and starts to count down from there setting the power failure error and extreme throttling. I found a workaround with the 45.23 drivers if I boot into windows and go to the temp display then unplug the power from the VC vapo unit the temp of the card will raise to 255 then go to zero, I reboot and it locks the temp at zero and then I can run and OC it. But the 45.23 don`t see the card as a fx5950u and I`m sure the 5*.** drivers would give alot better performance.
...sept the temp trick won`t work with them. The temp rises up to about 270* then goes straight to 16 above passing right over zero and then not being able to be locked at zero.....it just keeps reading the right temp and when the vapo is restarted the temp goes back down under 16 and into the high 200`s.
can someone dissable the temp function in the drivers??? Or reset the temp scale to fool it into thinking -23* was realy 23* so it would start and run propper as a fx5950u on a new driver without a fancy startup procedure and the extreme throttling??

The Baron
01-11-04, 09:14 PM
Uhhh... I know someone ran into this problem before, but I don't think that was ever met with an adequate response. As far as I know, temperature throttling cannot be disabled. Maybe through a BIOS hack? Anybody know about that?

Rampant CL
01-21-04, 01:07 AM
Send me one of the vapo units (the one of the graphics card) and the problem will magically fix itself. If you arent willing to do that check the overclockers.com forum, maybe theykll have something.