View Full Version : Leadtek FX5200 with PCI Express bridge chip

01-12-04, 09:52 AM

Over at the Leadtek booth we were able to take a peak at a PCI Express version of the NVIDIA GeForceFX 5200. NVIDIA won't be releasing GPUs with native PCI Express initially, but will rely on bridged solutions to handle the translation from the multiple serial busses to the cards native AGP interface. In the image below, we can see that the bridge chip has a heat sink on it. We were unfortunately unable to coax anyone into letting me pull the black metal off for a picture of the bridge chip itself.


01-12-04, 12:28 PM
eeww! Urg! phoey!

01-12-04, 01:17 PM
now thise is a thoroughly pointless graphics card ;)

01-12-04, 05:08 PM
Originally posted by jimbob0i0
now thise is a thoroughly pointless graphics card ;)

...that is an OEM's dream... PCI express, DX9, all for $75 :)