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01-13-04, 05:12 PM
I have just recevied my creative 5900 non-ultra and am realy impessed....
except for the nvidia demos. Not that they dont look cool, but they run
REALLY jerky on my system, some time varying between 2 to 15fps!

Have tried everything I can think of (drivers, bios settings.......).

Has anyone else had similar problems and been able to resolve?

Please help, because I'm dying to see these run smooth.

Also seems really strange as I'm hitting 5000+ in 3DMark 03 and GL Exces
runs realy smooth too (cant remember score).

My Rig:

ASUS A78NX-Deluxe rev 1
Creative 5900fx non-ultra
Barton 2500+ @ 1970Mhz
1024mb pc3200 corsair
80gig Maxtor + 20gig fujitsu
Yamaha sw1000xg

Windows XP Pro

01-13-04, 06:16 PM
Wow... I hope this is something easily fixed or just something you accidently overlooked somehow.

I'd hate to get my card and find out the results are terrible.

I'm about to order the rest of my goods either this Sunday or coming Monday
and should be ready to go by the weekend!!

You've sparked my interest :) Anyone have the same issue?!?!

01-14-04, 02:49 AM
be more specific about your bios/agp settings,what forceware drivers are you using ??

01-14-04, 05:18 AM
In reply:

Drivers - forceware 53.03,
nforce 3.13 mb drivers,

OS - Windows XP - no service pack (sp1 tends to make system suck!)
All IRQ's are seperate - no conflicts show in device mananger.

Bios - All usual settings:
No shadowing of bioses or mem addresses,
AGP 8x enabled and disabled both tried,
Fastwrites - enabled and disabled both tried,
AGP fsb locked @ 66mhz and default voltages,
AGP apature tried between 128 - 512 - no diference,
have tried changing most settings but no difference.

I dont know if its specific to my card alone then, because the last creative
geforce card I hade showing teething troubles too, but thought that they
would have sorted this out by now.

Also, its only showing on the latest FX demos, have tried VULCAN, DUSK
and LAST CHANCE GARAGE, all stutter like crazy after taking ages to load,
with dusk it can take nearly a minute.

Also, the fps tend to not even make it to 1fps sometimes. Its seems though
they arent in true fullscreen, have edited to args file but it still seems that
for 30 secs or so, you can see the taskbar.

I have owened geforces since the geforce 2 so am used to having tweak in
order to get decent performance but have tried all the old methods with
no luck. Even checked to output from powersupply (550w) getting 5.5v and
12v on connector.

Also, if you change the zbuffer input in args file to 32, does anyone else get
a warning saying "this demo requires a geforce-fx proccessor"?


01-14-04, 07:03 AM
Unlikely to be your problem, but I couldn't even run the Ogre demo (I have a 5900 Ultra) as I'd not installed the Intel chipset drivers when I'd put the systme together ... after I did, I got almost 40% improvement in performance and all the demos worked.

01-14-04, 09:50 AM
Hmm, that is a very strange issue indeed. Your 3dmark'03s are appropriate for your system, but only Nvidia demos running poorly is very strange (not to mention ironic). Just to be sure, those Nforce drivers included AGP drivers for the mobo, right? Also did you uninstall your last card completely before you put the 5900 in? I guess if worst comes to worst a clean windows install might help, which isn't a bad idea if you haven't done a format in over a yeah.

Otherwise...hmm, I donno. Stay away from Nvidia demos and just play games, perhaps :p

01-14-04, 04:58 PM
Thanks for the replies.

Have re-installed XP and still no joy!

Gonna try using the ms ide drivers as sometime the nvidia ones can
suck a little, if not then sod it!


01-14-04, 07:29 PM

Its the weirdest thing, but..............

Update nforce bios to 1006, didnt make a differance but found that
if i paused demo, changed to free cam, and left for 20 secs, demo
began running fine! wtf?

Vulcan now runs smooth, last chance garage is still a little stuttery though!


01-14-04, 08:46 PM
Hmm, almost sounds like it's caching data or something like that. It it an inconsistent choppyness or is it just low framerate? If it's inconsistent it might not even have anything to do with the video card at all...

Oh, I don't suppose you've tried running with Win2k, have you? It's basicly the same as WinXP, but with less "features" (i.e. bloatware ;) ). It's worth a shot, I found Win2k to simply run better overall for must of the stuff I did with it. It may have an effect on your issue as well...somehow.

01-14-04, 10:15 PM
Hmmm, well, Last Chance Gas, and Dusk Ultra both require a 256 MB card. Do you have a 256 MB card? Dusk non-ultra should run fine on a 128 MB version...try that

01-15-04, 03:44 PM
Originally posted by quik_2_win
Hmmm, well, Last Chance Gas, and Dusk Ultra both require a 256 MB card. Do you have a 256 MB card? Dusk non-ultra should run fine on a 128 MB version...try that

Gas, Dusk Ultra and Dawn ultra run fine in my geforce FX 5900 128mb card

I have a abit nf7-s with a xp2500@2.0ghz

Windows XP SP1
latest nforce drivers

01-15-04, 05:44 PM
I think it is a caching issue.

My card has 128meg, but the choppyness made it look like it was
running in software mode.

Found that lowering the agp apature more made the pause before full
framerate kicking in shorter.

Its strange though that the demo requires 256meg when creative bundle
the demo with the card?

Have tried more demos, the "time machine" demo flys - no probs, weird!