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01-14-04, 01:35 PM
NVidia GeForce 2 MX 32MB w/ S-Video out.

after messing around for a day trying to get the card to do exactly what i wanted under my linux install (involving the s-vid out primarily), i decided to go back into windows to chat and wind down for the day.

after about 5 minutes the monitor starts to flicker some and colors become slightly distorted and everything bleeds. basically weird lines running across screen that kinda blend things together, but i can still use the monitor (have been 2 weeks now still) check the s-video output. everything is perfect still on that output. hmm weird, thought it was monitor but hooking monitor up to another computer proved that wrong.

rebooted computer and noticed something very odd. the VGA output didnt initialize at post. the s-video output initialized and displayed post. in fact the VGA doesnt initialize at all until windows loads and of course has display problems.

this just seems very weird to me. as i said picture on s-vid perfect. vga...not so good. and s-vid is what initializes on post first.

vga only initializes at post if TV is not connected (i.e like my s-vid would do when a vga wasnt connected)

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01-14-04, 01:51 PM
this isnt a linux question. sorry if i wasnt clear. this happens no matter what OS I run.

basically the card wont intialize VGA output with an OS higher then DOS.

to test it i loaded DOS, output was only on the s-video unless i booted with only VGA plugged in. but the display is foggy transparent horizontal lines and things blend into each other.

if i load windows then the VGA kicks on.