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01-14-04, 10:00 PM
here is the situation:
i took all the stuff from my dell demension 8200(cpu/cd drive/hard drive etc)
and added it to a new case and new motherboard. on the original dell board when the heatsink was in there it had a fanless heatsink so i got a 5.00 intel replacement heatsink with fan on top and thermal pad on bottom and used it for the new board and install.
fired up the system for first time try to reinstall a copy of winxp and all i could get was my original winxp trying to start but not untill i activated it.so i called microsoft and reactivated it, but will probably do i clean install to get rid of any bugs from the hard drive being transfered to new motherboard.
so now that is all set and i install intel active monitor and find that my cpu temp is idling at 55C degree's...this seems really high for a cpu temp. the sytem zone 1 temp was about 40C and system zone 2 temp about 42C. i also noticed cpu fan rpm's only at about 2000-2500 rpm's which seems like that should also be higher. i ran 3dmark but i guess i never went over 68C temp alert default for intel active monitor on the cpu.
this case has 1 exhaust and 1 intake 80mm fans.. they seem to be working fine.
so im wondering if maybe the intel replacement hsf i got may be junky? or do you think i should remove heatsink and check thermal pad, or just remove thermal pad and use arctic silver?
what is your opionins on all of this? do you think my cpu temp is astonomically too high also?
the case has a digital thermometer and i placed the probe just beside the cpu socket lever but not inbetween cpu and heatsink( to the side of it) and the read out of this is usually 40C.
is it possible intel active monitor is giving me bad reading's?

01-14-04, 11:57 PM
Very high idle temps for a P4.. you sure the system was under idle situations? you wern't doing anything just 5-10 mins before you checked the temp?

Check that the heat sink is on correctly. I'm pretty sure that fan speed is around normal.. although last i remember the P4 HSF's were spinning at about 3000rpm.. 2000-2500 may be a little low.

chech the idle temps in the BOIS, and download speedfan (http://www.almico.com/speedfan409.exe) to back up the temps you are getting.

01-15-04, 07:47 AM
Bios may not use the integrated in CPU-chip thermo-diode and use the thermometer in CPU-socket then the results may be incorrect

01-15-04, 06:47 PM
ok here is what i did...i uninstalled intel active monitor and then installed speed fan and motherboard monitor 5...tested system with both of thhese temp monitor programs 1 at a time, uninstalling each after testing system...everytime cpu temp was idling at about 53-55C/ case temp 40C.
rpm speed of cpu idled at about 2200..and recorded as high as 2800.

so i decided to see if perhaps it could be the intel fan that i bought seperatly because as i said when moving stuff from dell case that had no fan on the heatsink, just a heatsink with a fan shroud that exhausted air out back of case. so i need to get a heatsink fan for my chip cause the dell orginal heatsink would not fit hsf retention mechanism anyways.

in order to test fan i took my HSF and 3.06ghz cpu from my other case in put it all in the newest case with the dell stuff in it. and put the dell stuff into my older case...basically just swapped them...cpu + hsf of both cases

the results are now for the first case running fine with my 3.0ghz cpu/good HSF ...cpu idling at 33C/ case temp at 30C.....and in the other case with the 2.26ghz/bad HSF...everything is high as i thought it would be at 55C/ 35C..CASE TEMP is little lower in this case because it has more exhaust fans.

so after all this i only have to ask....where can i get a good hsf for my 2.26ghz cpu, that will cool the cpu correctly and run at the correct RPM'S...also hoping to find one that will simply snap in the original HSF retention mechanism, so i dont have to change that, since the one in the new build/board has those ridiculous white&black push pin things instead of a bolt and nut.

01-16-04, 03:08 AM
Hm... If the case temp is 40 then 55 for CPU is not so high.
The limit of intel CPU temp is 75, if the temp is higher CPU could be dead some days later.

01-16-04, 09:26 AM
Since you have P4 3.06, the max temperature is 69C...

The temperature a lot depends of the room temperature. If you have 35-40C in the room, the best thermaltake or other coolers are not going to help with temperature.