View Full Version : nforce sound + network = terrible sound

01-16-04, 01:00 PM
What is the problem with these stupid nforce drivers. I loaded the latest version and still it horribly stutters when playing music from a network drive in win XP. I can play music from the local hard drive much better, but from the network drive its utterly laughable. How could such a product ever get to market???

My network card and my sound "card" are using different IRQs, APIC is off, but I can not bring any quality sound from across the network, what gives?

02-02-04, 01:47 PM
Your network drive works fine w/ other PCs at your location playing streamed music? :confused:

What program are you using to play the music?

Why do you think its your sound cards fault?

02-02-04, 01:51 PM
IS this nforce1? What sound card and network do you have?

And like Athena said what program are you using? What network connection are you using, what distance? Perhaps you're getting packet loss or something?

02-02-04, 04:42 PM
I have nforce2 sound card and network..

Yes, the nforce1 downstairs plays music just fine off the shared drive.

today it seems to be playing fine. I'll check it for sure when I take my shower. But I am playing music off the net drive now, as well as typing this message with TightVNC connecting to the same Linux box from the same XP box that is playing the music, and its sounding fine.

Perhaps their is something else going on I need to investigate.

02-03-04, 02:26 PM
I think you may find other problems are the cause. Also note not all Nforce2 MOBOs run the Nvidia Sound Storm chip. Some use cheaper AC97 codecs like the 650 or some such thing. You will want to double sheck that as well.

02-08-04, 01:43 AM
If you turn out to have the AC'97 chip you are better off going with Reltek drivers for your sound quality and maybe fixing your problem. Who manfuactured yor mobo? I know Biostar and Soltek use AC'97.

02-08-04, 01:56 PM
I have the asus a7n8x deluxe. its their top nf2 model.

02-09-04, 12:35 AM
Without a doubt its the nvidia soundstorm and not AC'97 audio chip. I'm sure you do have this but do you have Windows SP1 installed? I know the nivida drivers don't like it if SP1 is not installed.

02-09-04, 07:41 AM
I always run the bleeding edge :afro:

Its not really doing it anymore. I can't really say why. One thing I like to do is go in the registry and flush all the applications that seem to think they have a right to be running in the backgroupd from startup. Thats the only thing I think I could have done that affected this.

I remember installing the latest drivers only to still be hearing the stuttering. Its good now, so I don't know what to say.

02-10-04, 12:27 AM
Well I hope it stays that way for you.