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01-16-04, 01:24 PM
I'm looking into upgrading to a 1700+ for my 1GHz T-Bird KT7A-RAID system with the idea of overclocking it as I've seen they have quite a bit of potential. What I need to know is:

1. is the multiplier locked?

2. i've heard about recent procs that even if unlocked can only be changed on nf2 boards, is this true and will it affect me?

3. is there a way to raise the multiplier above 12.5?

4. which steppings should i be looking for?

5. where's the best place to find these beauts?

Any other info you can think of that would help me would be appreciated, thanks.

01-16-04, 03:34 PM
1700's = mad cool chips!! :p

Look for JIUHB's and JIUCB's...

2.0-2.3ghz @ ~200fsb 1.725-1.8v on air... 39deg to 49deg under load with a decent copper hsf setup...

Lots sell @ hardforums... usually for 40 bucks shipped...


01-16-04, 03:38 PM
The KT7A is quite old and you should really look for a replacement. The CPU may or may not work on it depending on what revision you have, I belive you need 2.0 with the very latest BIOS. So far only the Bartons are being locked so you are safe there, also i belive the board should be able to unlock them but you may need to use the wire trick.

01-16-04, 04:48 PM
Ya I know its old, and I plan on doing a complete system overhaul to an Athlon64 system eventually. I figure I can get some more life out of this system with this cheap upgrade and then wait until the technology rush this year has settled down.

What's the "wire trick"?

I'll check out hardforums, thanks. :)


What's a good HSF to use? I want something relatively cheap but still having very good cooling for overclocking. I read about these GlacialTech ones, but I can't find them anywhere.