View Full Version : com1 trouble

01-16-04, 04:17 PM
how do i find out what devices are running on com1?

ive an external modem on that com but under modem>diag it says theres another device using this port.its causing constant drop outs and costing me a fortune in dial up calls.can anybosy help ?
ive done a syst restore but i still have the problem.

xp pro
athlon xp1600+
maestro external modem

let me know if this isnt enough info.

I(illa Bee
01-20-04, 01:59 PM
first make sure you Com1 is enabeled in the BIOS, then check to see if its in device manager...

the go to com1 in device manager and open the proptires for it, and make sure Flowcontrol is set to Off, then go to advanced and make sure it set to use com1 not com2..

If that is all like i said, then to go safe mode, uninstall the modem drivers, and deleat the com port out of device manager. Reboot into safemode and reinstall the modem drivers.