View Full Version : Abit NV7-133R 333MHz FSB Support?

09-29-02, 07:19 PM
So will the Abit NV7-133R be able to use the new 333MHz Athlons? If not, the 2600+ will be the fastest CPU available for it? Since the 2700+ and 2800+ will be 333MHz FSB, right?

09-29-02, 07:38 PM
looking at the abit nv7-133r manual, the highest fsb for the cpu is 157. the 333mhz xp need 166fsb support. unless they release a bios update, it wouldn't work at full speed. however...at 157fsb, the cpu would be running at 314mhz. not sure of the stability of this motherboard at 157mhz, but it could possibly run the 333mhz athlons, but a bit slower, yet it would still be faster than the 266mhz athlons.

so...i think your best bet would be getting the 2600+ as it is the fastest, and overclocking that. it has a 16x multiplier. with some really good cooling, you could hit 157mhz fsb with that. so that would be somewhere around 2.5ghz. thats like a 3000+ or more.

09-29-02, 11:17 PM
I dont think this board can handle 157MHz. It almost caught on fire today too, so I dont think I will be doing any serious overclocking for awhile.

09-29-02, 11:19 PM
ouch, motherboards are getting much cheaper anyways. if your gonna upgrade , might as well upgrade your motherboard, get a cheaper cpu, and get some good cooling instead of getting an expensive cpu.