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01-17-04, 10:57 PM
My computer was acting up before where it was stuttering in games. I reinserted my cpu and it was fine for a week. Now when im playing games it seems to just exit out with no warning whatsoever. Could my cpu fan and heatsink be putting too much stress on the cpu? Its one of the older swiftech mc462 with a loud fan. It bolts onto the mobo. Its weird cause the temp has increased over the 2 weeks since i reinserted the mobo and im using AS so it should be getting cooler. Anyway i have an asus a7n8x deluxe with xp 3000 400fsb, 1 gig crucial pc3200 dual channel and a radeon 9800 pro using 3.10 drivers. The computer ran fine and cooler for about a week and a half and slowly the temps have been rising and its been crashing out of games and crashing in windows. I also had a stop error from the file win32.sys and i keep getting errors in IE. This is also a new reinstall.

01-18-04, 05:07 AM
It might be that there is not enough contact with the CPU so it's getting hotter.

01-18-04, 07:35 AM
Some kinds of thermal paste can slowly drip, so if as he said there is weak contact between heatsink and cpu, perhaps the thermal paste is moving out of the gap and letting it get hotter, a weird issue though...