View Full Version : Geforce 4 ti 4600 and 3D studio max 6.0

01-18-04, 02:04 PM
HI everyone,
I have a GeForce 4 Ti 4600, and i was wondering is there any program that will make 3D studio max to use it?
I'm also looking for something that will do a hardware render! ( i want to see how good it renders)

thank you,

01-18-04, 06:15 PM
its pretty impossible todo a good render on a gfx card because they cant do Ray tracing so the CPU would be used anyway.

One program which does render using the gfx card is Right Hemisphere's Deep Exploration. Nothing complex tho, simple model 1 light but has Anti Aliasing options. I think it gets the image from the Z-buffer i know nothing about this stuff so dont quote me on that :D

Good luck.

01-18-04, 10:49 PM
Although the GF4 is an excellent gaming card, unfortunately it is not really meant for rendering professional graphics.

There is one upcoming real-time professional animation software though which uses hardware accelerated cards to render graphics but it only works with DX 9 cards (Radeon or GF FX).

Mad-FX (http://www.mad-fx.com/products/products-overview.shtml)

Of course you're better off with 3ds max, maya or lightwave if you're in professional 3d graphics.