View Full Version : Burning DVD media beyond spec?

01-19-04, 05:48 AM
A while a go I ordered an ASUS 0402P/D drive (5 weeks a go!) however i bought some DVD-R before xmas which are rated as 4x. Now i bought an NEC 2500A(Black) which is a 8x DVD +/-, is it possible to use Ritek Grade A media DVD R- @ 8x speeds?


01-19-04, 07:03 AM
Most burning programs automatically detect the type of media and won't let you burn past the its recommended speed. Now if you were to force it, it probably would work, however there's a good chance your data might become corrupted or end up being rendered useless either on the DVD or when you copied it back to your hard drive.

That has happened to me before which is why I never burn discs beyond their recommended speeds.

01-19-04, 09:31 AM
Thanks, i might try it once and see how it goes.

01-19-04, 10:55 AM
I've got the Plextor 708a (8x) burner and it burns 4x memorex media(Best Buy) at 8x all day long. As soon as I insert a cdr Nero even gives me the option to burn @ that speed. The thing is, this doesn't work on all media so it really depends.

btw, CDFreaks (http://www.cdfreaks.com/) is one of the best resources on the net for anything regarding cd/dvd burning.

A cool thing I discovered after ramaging through their forums is that these plextor burners are set at a default 'playback' that allows the drive to spin quietly while playing a movie. But while your ripping a dvd you can enable 'full speed' mode. I've tested this and it allows me to rip a full dvd in 7minutes and burn it in another 7-8mins. Very schweet :)

01-19-04, 12:28 PM
Thanks i will look into it.