View Full Version : eVGA 5600 Ultra v2 w/ VIVO 128 meg

01-19-04, 02:09 PM
Looking to move this video card or a Prolink GF4 TI4200 128 meg w/ VIVO

Sorry I have not spent alot of time looking around at prices lately.

I have to keep one or the other so feel free to make offers as well. :D

Lucky I checked my post before leaving the site I forgot to post the price's

for the FX I am hoping to get around 110

For the 4200 TI about 70

Both prices included standard shipping via USPS in the 48 states.

To other locations you pay full shipping of your choice.

Thanks :cool:

01-28-04, 12:13 PM
Interested in both cards...
///package deal???/// :p

PM me, I'd like to get these asap...

but before i do, i'd possibly like to see some pics...


my heatware: 15-0-0

02-01-04, 08:37 PM
I want the 5600 Ultra

02-01-04, 08:41 PM
Umm.. redneck wants it too... heh...

It's still avail, right??

I found a 5700 non ultra for a good price like today, so ... this is good timing...

redneck is a friend of mine. He's good for it... He can mail MO or paypal...

02-09-04, 11:12 AM

Redneck please see your PM :cool:

02-09-04, 02:39 PM

check your pm Athena.

Thanks again.