View Full Version : RAM Retailer question

01-19-04, 04:58 PM
I'm looking into getting 1GB of RAM, but I don't have a lotta flow to spend. Does anyone know if this is a good or safe deal? http://www.buyaib.com/sa51pc40bchd.html


01-19-04, 05:07 PM
Yeah Samsung make some excellent memory although not for the overclockers like they once did but it's still decent.

01-19-04, 05:09 PM
Thanks, what about the retailer though. Has anyone purchased from them before. The price isn't bad, but it seems as though they might not be legit.

01-19-04, 05:37 PM
If you pay by plasic and have fruad protection you are safe, if in doubt use a online map and find out if the address does exisit etc. but i would say they are safe as they have their own personal email address.

01-19-04, 05:39 PM
Nevermind, I checked out the Better Business Bureau's website and found this description Clicky Clicky (http://www.labbb.org/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=wsbroker1/C%3A/Inetpub/wwwroot/SouthlandReport/default.htm?hCompID=51000944&hAKAID=1&hAddrID=2) so needless to say I'm going to avoid the e-tailer and I'd suggest anyone reading this does to.


01-19-04, 07:17 PM
If you have any concerns about online shops in the future Reseller Ratings (http://www.resellerratings.com) is your one-stop shop for reviews of e-tailers.