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01-19-04, 06:23 PM
Hey guys, I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you can help me with. I've decided for the first time to give overclocking a try and see what I can do. My machine is long in the tooth, so i'm not too scared to mess it up considering i'm planning to upgrade by the middle of the year. However, I wouldn't want to take any unneccesary risks.

The PC is:
1.2Ghz AMD Thunderbird
133Mhz FSB
VisionTek Geforce 3 (purchased within 2 weeks of the original release)
512 MB Crucial CAS2 SDR at 133Mhz.

So i'm starting with the Videocard, going slowly up on the core clock, then planning to up the memory next. I'm using the instructions to go about 5Mhz at a time, test it under stress, and if I see artifacting I should stop the program and ratchet it back down to the last level it was stable at.

So i'm doing this, and i'm not very far yet, but I'm starting to think I'm overclocking this card, and using powerstrip it's only going to be overclocked when I'm playing certain games. But even if its not artifacting in my tests, i'm wondering how long I can leave it at the level I leave it at without negative effects. Lets say I spend 4 hours gaming, while my test wouldn't have stressed it that much, i'm wondering if that might be too much.

I'm having the same thoughts for the CPU, but the CPU is going to be permenantly overclocked as opposed to just during gaming, so that is even more of a concern.

Any advice from folks with experiance would be much obliged.

Oh... by the way, what does artifacting look like exactly?

One other thing come to think of it. What is a good program I can use to check my temperature with?

01-20-04, 12:42 AM
On my G.F3 I kept it overclocked to 240/540 all the time with no problems,not to say yours will overclock that high.The best way is to overclock it slowly and run a benchmark such as 3DMark2001se or 2003benchmark just want be able to run game 4 because of DX9 P.S.2 and if you start see white dots or textures flashing, any kind of artifacts then back it down some,make sure you have good cooling in your case.My G.F.3 is still going stong in my kids computer.

01-20-04, 02:41 AM
A GF3 should be able to reach 220/500 without any question, and most can get up to around 240/550 or higher. My TI200 (default clocked at 175/400) got up to 225/530 just fine.

Usually I don't go up by 5 mhz increments though (takes too much time), I just at first clock it about 20mhz higher then stock, then 15, then 10, and then I'll keep raising it by 10 until I get artifacts/crashes. When I do, I just fall back to the last settings I used. It's a faster method, and there still isn't much risk at all with it.

Artifacting usually comes in the form of white dots all over the screen or polygon/texture stretching. It's fairly noticable in games, if it's bad you really can't miss it.

Oh, and the extended effects of overclocking probably aren't a big deal. My friend's TI200 has been overclocked to around 210/480 ever since January 2002, and he hasn't had any problems with it.

01-20-04, 05:21 AM
How long of a test should I give it at speeds in order to make sure its doing fine. Is running something like 3dMark03 enough time, or do I actually need to use it in game for a longer period of time.

01-21-04, 03:36 PM
If you can get though 2001se and 2003 benchmark with no problems then you should be ok on your overclock.

01-21-04, 05:59 PM
Originally posted by john19055
If you can get though 2001se and 2003 benchmark with no problems then you should be ok on your overclock.

Heh, thats what I used to think, until I tried to play Unreal2 :p with in 10 secs of loading first level it crashed, BSOD. Lowered the core 10MHz and I was able to run Unreal for hours without crashing :)