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01-20-04, 11:49 AM

my computer does random reboots for know reason, mostly during game play, but has happen just beeing on the desktop... my queastion is what could be causeing this?? my temps are ok, anly thing I can think of is I need a bigger power supply... any suggestions?

my specs

P4 2.6c@3.2ghz temp: ide-28-30c load-35-40c
asus p4p 800 deluxe
2*512mb pc-4000
geforce fx 5800 ultra temp: ide-45-49c load-50-56c
creative labs audigy 2 platinum
maxtor 60gb 7200
maxtor 80gb 7200
maxtor 200gb 7200
creative dvd-rom 16x/48x
tdk cd-rw 32/12/48
enermax fan controller
2*80mm 4leeded fans
4*80mm plan 32cfm fans
1*80mm delta high pro 86cfm fan
430watt antec true power supply.

Rampant CL
01-21-04, 03:17 PM
Methinks it could be the same prob i had, turn down your agp port speed from 8x to 4x and see if it helps.

01-21-04, 10:47 PM
Does it do it at stock speeds? thats the first thing i would try.