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01-20-04, 03:25 PM
i have a case/pc im working on for friend and it is a pent 3/700mhz cpu..i opened the case and it has savage 3 inc savage 4 video card, can this be upgraded and to what?
also i can not find name of motherboard maker anywhere on pc or on board. the bios is award modular bios v4.51.. the only thing i see written on board says something like "EUPA"...Made in china...does anyone know what type board this is? i have never heard of EUPA before.
in the start up of pc when bios check is loading it also shows "EUPA IBB 2.0, or something very similiar to that.
i ran "WCPUZ"/"WPUID" and it showed no description under the mother board manufacture name..It just showed blank in one program (wpuid) and in wcpuz it showed "(non)"
the chipset was intel with some numbers and southbridge
does anyone have any idea who manufacturerd this board he has? if you need more info from what i have already type please ask and ill see what else i can find. i would also like to know what graphics card he can upgrade to if any at all..it seems like a AGP type card but the slot is smaller than the newer boards AGP slots.

01-20-04, 03:37 PM
The motherboard should have an FCC ID located somewhere on it. Go to this (http://www.fcc.gov/oet/fccid/#sec2) site, click on the search link and enter the first three characters of the FCC ID and in the next box the rest of the digits. It should at least provide you with a manufacturer name.

01-20-04, 03:47 PM
HI SATURNATUKO, im doing some searching now through google and i think it may indeed be a "EUPA" board...so far from what i have found, they are no loonger selling motherboards...ill get back here later tonight, unless others have more info on this.

i was reading this here and this guy did indeed have a motherboard called "EUPA IBB" i have never heard of them either but i pretty sure this is what is in the case. the whole system my buddy has is pent 3 at 700 mhz/savage3inc, savage 4 video card/some kind of older sound card but it works ok, only a 8bg maxtor hard drive, which should be upgraded..lol, a 52x cd drive someone must have put in recently, a floppy drive, and get a load of this" the case has no exhaust or intake fans", but i check while in that lousy "award" bios and it showed cpu temperature's and it was at 30C, not bad for no case fans. it took me forever to find in that award bios how to change the boot order, so i could boot from cd rom and reformat the hard drive, but after looking numerous times i did find it..looked something like this "cdrom/c/a", saved and exited bios and re-installed OS.

someone had set a password to enter bios, but after remebering about resetiing bios using the jumper on motherboard..i got in very easily.

i told my buddy i can build him a much better system for about $800.00 (depending on which CPU & VIDEO CARD he wants in it), but money may be a little issue for him.