View Full Version : my computer is getting to hot.

01-21-04, 08:17 AM
I dont no what happened. today is started, nabye it is not reading the temp right. but now when ever i turn on my comp and i turn on the pc alert the cpu temp keeps rising and rising, really fast . i have had my comp on for 10 min and it says it is at a 130 degrees F. i use the colloer xp feature, that stops it for a little though. i hzave a mobo model -k7n2g, running at 1.1 gz, windows 2000, 512 mb of ram. I just insatlled a new video card could that be it.

01-21-04, 01:08 PM
You may of forgot to attach the CPU cooler to a power source

01-21-04, 01:54 PM
umm. no i am not that stupid...lol

01-21-04, 02:33 PM
reinstall the HSF. you might have a small gap between the core and the heat sink.

01-21-04, 03:24 PM
which video card did you just install? im sure you plugged it into the 4 pin connector to power supply if indeed this video card has a 4 pin connector on it?
are all the fans in your case running? if you dont have a side window to look while pc is running, leave side panel off and check fans that way..to see if they are all spinning.
or as mentioned above reseat the HSF, but i dont know why you would have removed you HSF in first place just to install a video card, although it may have become dislodged from retention mech while computer case was being moved around.

01-22-04, 07:08 AM
Check your heatsink for thermal bleeding.. See my recent post on ShinEtsu