View Full Version : need some SDRAM PC-100

01-21-04, 03:36 PM
my buddy wants to upgrade the memory in his older system consiting of a EUPA IBB 2.0 motherboard with award bios,savage 4 video card,pentium 3 700 mhz cpu, creative sound card, and 3 memory slots that hold sdram pc-100. in 1 slot he has only 64mb sdram pc-100 he wants to add 2 more 128mb sticks in other 2 available slots...we took memory out but it had no name on it just some numbers, but in searching everywhere i know of i couldnt identfy who made this ram...so the question is is all sdram pc-100 compatable with each other or do we need something special?
also can the savage 4 video card be upgraded at all.. to anything more like it, but better/faster?

i tried belarc advisor for determing what type memory but no luck on that it is sdram pc-100, also stated as sdram pc-100 in bios and shows clock and other speeds.

here where some of the numbers/info i found on the memory stick in the pc: made in korea//5264805ETT A60/PC 100-60/08120899/E119697/ VTO VTG 104547...

01-21-04, 09:59 PM
Yes, PC100 manfactures are all pretty consistant for the most part, when you get into PC133.. things can get tricky, since most older mobos wont read condensed memory sticks.