View Full Version : No new Turtle Beach soundcards?

09-30-02, 09:58 AM
Definitely suckage if true.


"I meant the second, that they won't be releasing any more new soundcards, but i don't know if they're going to stop manufacturing the current model of TBSC's or not (i think they will). The rep guy i talked to said he was dissapointed about it too. He said the reason is they think the market is changing and they're changing their focus (audiotron type devices i assume).
Basically, they're stepping out of the soundcard market."

09-30-02, 10:16 AM
Ouch. :(

Good thing I'm not having any problems driver-wise with my TBSC or else I'd be really PO'd.

10-02-02, 02:30 PM
Hopefully, they don't stop supporting this fine piece of computer equipment, for a while at least.

10-05-02, 03:07 PM
Well, I read the rest of that thread and it seems that most people are assuming that Santa Cruz will continue. I think so, too. Why? Who is the biggest computer manufacturer that uses Santa Cruz? Why, a little known computer OEM known as... Dell. I should think that that ALONE would bring in quite a bit of revenue for TB as an OEM.

Not to mention that they are still selling well because of the fact that no sound card since then has really and dramatically improved sound cards. The last big revolution, imho, was A3d 2.0 and that was with a now defunct line of sound cards.

I have no doubt though that if nV got into the sound card market (SOUNDSTOOOOOOOOORM!) that they might bring some much needed competition and innovation to the market, but somehow I think their dependence upon Creative for the European market in video cards may keep them away from that. Creative might not take kindly to a new Soundstorm (STOOOOOOOOOOORM) sound card and retaliate by going ATI in Europe, which would hurt nV there.

Anyways, I love my TBSC. I cannot imagine going Creative again. I think I would... shudder.... go integrated before I went Creative again. It was just THAT bad. ;) Perhaps in 10 years or so, Creative improve. Or have sued all their competitors into oblivion (RIP Aureal). But fancified reverb and special recording rates available only on the card with the frontplate do not a sound card sell... to me. ;)

I just wish we would get a newer driver for the TBSC. Been quite a while without any updates. That is the only credence I see to the idea that TB may be getting out of the sound card market, but if true, I have to wonder why. They sell quite a few to OEMs (not the least of which is Dell) and still hold a strong market with the people smart enough to know better than Creative.