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01-23-04, 02:51 AM
I own a Geforce 5900 Ultra and now am looking at buying a new monitor. My question is what type of monitor am I better going with for maximum performance and graphics to match my 5900 U, a LCD or a CRT??
I know that LCD's dont have high resolution like a CRT does, but the LCD is is suppose to be clearer and better to look at. Any information on what direction I should go on buying a new monitor would be appreciated.


01-23-04, 07:04 AM
Using the DVI port on your video card to hook it up to an LCD does, IMO give you a better overall picture quality than any CRT. You also can't beat the size, weight and low power consumption of an LCD.

That said, there are flat panel displays which can hit crazy high resolutions. If you have the funds available, the LCD that's getting all the raves right now is the Dell 2100FP. It has a native resolution of 1600x1200 with a 16 ms response time. That latter number will go a long way in improving your gaming experience. If you decide to go the LCD route, do not buy one with a response time greater than 16 if you're going to be gaming heavily.

01-23-04, 10:32 AM
Originally posted by saturnotaku
If you decide to go the LCD route, do not buy one with a response time greater than 16 if you're going to be gaming heavily.
The exception to this rule being the Hercules Prophetview 920 DVI. Despite a stated response time of 20ms, this monitor can match and apparently sometimes beat 16ms monitors.

There's an LCD thread here: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=23808
and here: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=22823
for more information on LCD screens.

01-23-04, 02:45 PM
This anandtech article really explanes well about the 16ms AUOptronics panels out there


Several months ago, we looked at Hitachi's 16ms response time LCD. This monitor was based off the first commercial 16ms panel, AUO's M170EN05. While this panel is good, it has a few adherent flaws to it. The first flaw is, of course, the 262,000 color limitation. Even though 16M colors can be achieved by dithering the pixels (emulated 24-bit), the evidence was clear when comparing our Samsung 172T and the Hitachi CML174 that Samsung had a dominate edge on color reproduction.

01-23-04, 09:09 PM