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01-23-04, 11:01 PM

I Have An Asus GF4 TI4800SE (V9480/TVD) and it has worked for me no problems through all the nvdia drivers until now. I had to update to forceware drivers to play this new game out.
Since I have done that there has been no major problems apart from the tv-out. I can do tv-out buts its when you choose clone and then the options to play movies full screen on the secondary monitor (TV). The Tv just flickers like mad no picture. Just black and white lines moving around.

This has not happened before and I use this mode of tv-out all the time to play movies on the tv while still working on the computer. If I change the resolution to 800X600 on my monitor and turn off the full screen mode, then I can watch the movies on tv as full screen but I can not work on the computer as it need to be full screen on the moniotr as well then.

This is the newest forceware drivers. So I went to ASUS and got their newest drivers for this card and same problem. I was wondering if it was a well known problem or if anyone had any ideas. I sort of need the new drivers for newer games but at the same time I need the tv-out for full screen movies while using the computer. (I use this like everyday for years - well did).

If you read this then thank you and thanks to anyone in advance that might have any suggestions or advice.

02-21-04, 10:10 AM
I have an Asus GF4 Ti4200 card.

It works fine with every detonator series drivers, but the new forceware drivers with "improved" nview3 is driving me insane.
I have a dual monitor setup, and my tv connected to the svhs output,
I like to run my monitors in separate display mode, ( no cloning or stretching of desktop). I use automatic selection of fullscreen device for video overlays.
This works fine with both detonators 4x.x and forceware 5x.x.

The problem comes when I use my tv for a second dispay, instead of my second monitor. (Its not possible to have all tree turned on at the same time)

With forceware, my tv goes completly black when attempting to show fullscreen video on it. The destop shows just fine on my tv, but as soon as I open up a movie file the tv goes black.
Detonator series drivers does NOT have this problem, only Forceware.

The only way I can show fullscreen video with forceware installed is by using clone mode and having the same resolution on both tv and monitor.

I have tried all forceware vesions I cand find, including the latest ones from ASUS. They all have the same issues.

Is this a Asus GF4 and Forceware (nview3) issue? I have found 1 more dude with the same problems, also with an Asus GF4 card.

02-23-04, 06:35 AM
Thanks for the reply Lillstrumpa,

Now I Know I'm not the only one with this problem but still cant find much help on it not even from nVidia's site itself but good luck to you and I am still working on it. I will let u know of any progress and ditto plz.

Cheers mate and good luck
Dam pissin me off this Forceware :confused: