View Full Version : Geforce FX 5900 Ultra Cooling

01-24-04, 03:47 AM
My friend has a geforce fx 5900ultra and was wondering what would be a nice aftermarket cooling solution for it? And water cooling is not an option.

01-24-04, 10:25 PM
There are non that I could find.
I emailed about every company out there.
No one make anything.

You could use a Zalman ZM80C with fan
and find some short heatsinks for the memory.
That's it tho.

The factory cooling's not bad tho.
The 5950's cooling is very nice.
I love it. :)

01-24-04, 11:44 PM
I have been trying to improve overall cooling on the FX5900U. I have replaced the top and bottom ram sinks with individual aluminum units. Results are the same so far. I have not found anything more efficient for the gpu. Seems like the stock solution is a good match for this card.

01-25-04, 02:14 AM
Take a look at this monster. :) Thermaltake (http://www.thermaltake.com/coolers/chipset/a1919.htm)

01-25-04, 09:43 AM
how about a 5700 non ultra? i have looked at the vantex iceberq4 pro, and i might try it. my stock ccoling, when i took it apart, has 2 fans on it (its an albatron), but neither one seem to be directly over the GPU... they seem placed for pretty looks. think i should get some ram sinks and a new vga cooler?

01-25-04, 10:47 AM
also, i dont hgave any ramsinks on the back of the card, and the fans a littel and not centered on the GPU.

do the stpck fans blow air onto the gpu? or pull it away?