View Full Version : On Unlocking A Xp1900

07-28-02, 02:54 AM
What do people use to fill the laser gap so they can connect the L1 bridges is there something better than useing super glue.

07-28-02, 03:17 AM
they have conductive ink stuff for it
Best bet would be to buy an unlocking kit, I think they exist

07-28-02, 03:31 AM
I haveing seen no kits for unlocking a XP yet,I have seen the video over at tom's hardware but I was wondering if the stuff in the bown bottle that comes with the rear window defogger patch kit will work just as good as the silver laquer they show in the vedeo.

07-28-02, 04:42 AM
I used my girlfriend's clear nail polish for the gaps and rear window defogger stuff to close the bridges

07-28-02, 11:39 AM
Go to high speed pc, They have XP unlocking kits I got one work good:D

07-28-02, 11:44 AM
Best thing would definetely be an XP unlocking kit.... or you could just over-clock your FSB.

07-29-02, 10:36 AM
Wher do you find a XP unlocking kit. Could you show me some links. thank you.

07-29-02, 10:38 AM

Coolerguys has some good stuff.....I'll keep looking though


07-29-02, 11:00 AM
I did'nt think of useing a small syringe that should would good with the stuff I already have,thanks for the link.

07-29-02, 11:24 AM
In Canada there is a place called Bigfoot Computers with good cooling stuff. They also sell an unlocking kit for AMD XP CPUs.

Unlocking kit (http://www.bigfootcomputers.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=Bigfoot&Product_Code=2316CGTC&Category_Code=0920)

Tell me what you guys think of it. :)

07-30-02, 06:24 AM

07-30-02, 01:00 PM
I bougth that High Speed PC kit. I've yet to modify my 1600+ as I've been really busy as of late, but I'll let you guys know how it turned out once I do.