View Full Version : Please help me ,i got issue with FX5950ULTRA ,Shadows ,reflections...

01-25-04, 04:15 AM
Hi ,
Please help me ,i got issue with FX5950ULTRA ,Shadows ,reflections...
I got some issue with the graphics while tested the card on all the games and NVIDIA Demos.

Here is the issue you can see the marked places:


As you can see the problem with Shadows and Reflections.

Its looks like Pixled/not smooth even while I run AA on 4x and more…

It appears on some games, not on all the games.

I hope to have some solutions for this issue soon as possible.

Some one know this issue?
some solutions?
i use NVidia 50.03 drivers ,and even did format- not help.

01-25-04, 05:40 AM
Hmm, odd issue, it looks like it's point sampling transparencies for some reason. Well first off try the newest drivers, or even the slightly older ones (the 45.xx series). Otherwise, you can try adjusting texture layers in Rivatuner, but since the Nvidia demos are OpenGL that probably won't help (since texture layer adjustments are for D3D only). Also try setting anisotropic to application preference, that might do it, too.

01-25-04, 09:03 AM
Trun off aa and anisotropic filtering all together , if thats a dx9 game you will have problems such as those..