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01-25-04, 10:22 PM
i have this comp jsut sitting here and i need some cash and i was wondering what yal think its worth

intel celeron runing at 458 mhz
little under 512 ram
20 gig hd
normal 40x cd drive
floppy drive
32 meg nvidia tnt2 or voodoo3 2000 i can stick either one in whichever gets me more money
and it has a 15 in monitor

01-25-04, 10:24 PM
$125-150 tops.

01-25-04, 10:28 PM
good all i need is about 100 anyhow ty tho

01-26-04, 12:28 AM
A 458 CPU with almost 512 megs of ram? That's an odd configuration...I wouldn't expect a system like that to have over 128.

01-26-04, 05:52 AM
i have an entire drawr full of ram chips i just hrew some in it its got a 256 a 128 and a 64

01-26-04, 06:12 AM
i just counted i got 37 more assorted ram chips from 64 to 256 and 1 512

i hav3e about 20 video cards mostly old tnt2s adn stuff nothing big

abou 20 ethernet cards 5 wireless cards 15 hd cadies

about 11 hds all going fro 20 to 60

i jsut collect parts from computer thn dont work lol

01-26-04, 08:44 PM
Wow, that's a lot of random parts you have there, and I used to think I had a big collection! You could probably build like a dozen low-end computers with all that stuff...

01-26-04, 08:54 PM
yes but i dont got 20 spare cases do i LOL i could jsut build them on the floor but well if anyone here has seen that pic of my setup yal know hteres no room for anything

01-27-04, 10:24 AM
ebay that stuff, Im sure you could make some money.

01-27-04, 01:02 PM
i would but my mom has a fit whenever i want to do somthign with ebay she swares shel end up haveign to pay for shipping boxes and shel have to do the work she jsut doesnt want me to ebay so i cant

01-30-04, 12:01 PM
What would you want for some of those hard drives? Also the RAM is it DDR, SDRAM? How much for those? If you not sure on the price we can figure it out.

Edge had traded with me so he knows I won't screw you.

01-30-04, 07:20 PM
i would love to do some trading selling but as i stated my mom said no cus she doesnt want me to so i duno

01-31-04, 01:22 AM
Oh I thought you ment just no ebay. How far do you live from post office? It is real easy to ship there, you could do it without problem. Besides the more hardware you sell the more money you can put towards newer hardware. :)

01-31-04, 01:43 PM
i know i could do it easy its my mom she jsut doesnt want me to do it at all i think she just has somthig aginst me doing it i duno

02-01-04, 01:24 PM
ok I won't push the issue. But if you are able to sell you have buyers :)